STEEM for @guthrie's future, Poloniex finally found my money, and select NOIR photography!

Good evening, friends! Coming to you from Adezzo, again. Scranton, PA. Today was a good day on the east coast trip that begin in a fury of awful. @vermillionfox and I made our way to the legendary thrift store in Plymouth, PA that sells couches for $1 or less! She documented a lot of it so I’ll leave her to lay out her treasures and finds. We came to Adezzo to work, and work we did. I finally set up up a surrogate Steemit account for my son, @guthrie. I’ll be posting on his behalf until he’s old enough to post on his own. Any rewards will be transferred to a STEEM Savings wallet for college. I’ll be posting videos and pictures of the things he’s most interested in […many of which aren’t that far off for most of us Steemian adults, including Minecraft and other video games, comics, cartoons and he’s even shown an interest in programing with Swift Playgrounds on his iPad]. So, follow @guthrie!

Something monumental happened this evening; I’m still in disbelief. Poloniex, actually sent me my $2000 worth of STEEM/SBD that I transferred to them just shy of a month ago! @matt-a wrote a scathing [accurate] blog titled “POLONIEX: The Scourge of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Is At It Again…”, that summarized my feelings in having a substantial amount of money held hostage by Poloniex for weeks! My hopes of seeing those funds again were dim. I’ve fallen victim to the notorious “Awaiting Approval” notices in the past, missing out on big trades as I awaited tickets to be answer for 10 days, but this was worse! There wasn’t even a notice or acknowledgement they’d received the STEEM/SBD, aside of course for the transaction in black and white in their […and my own] public Steemit wallet. I’d all but given up hope when I logged in to see everything there…finally! I have a $2,000 daily limit but you can believe I moved as much of that back to Steemit […the rest is going tomorrow] and powered up 1000.000 more STEEM! Felt good! Oh. BTW, Poloniex, nice attempt to throw the STEEM team under the bus! 

Another nice part of my evening was being joined at Adezzo by @vermillionfox, @guthrie @bonni and Grandpa Hal. That’s what most of this trip was about […other than a few shoots in NYC next week]. We hang out at my parent’s place, but having them come to the big city [Scranton, lol] was cute. For @bonni’s birthday, myself, @vermillionfox and @millsguthrie bought her a 9.7” iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to draw in Procreate. Grandpa Hal recently took a cue from @customnature and started experimenting with Bob Ross style paintings and attempted Procreate as well. It was great being surrounded by those I love taking an afternoon to live the @kommienezuspadt freelance life. We were even treated to live music for Adezzo’s First Friday opening. 

As I mentioned, I have some big shoots coming up next week, all of which will have a place in the Dark Pinup book. I’ve still been contemplating if NOIR is going to happen this year. I took a deep dive on that conundrum in my recent blog post, “Contemplating the future of NOIR after five years of Old Hollywood photography!”.  I may end up hosting NOIR in Minneapolis, since I already live there. I’m on record for saying “I’m not doing NOIR again…” for three consecutive years, then end up doing it. For a while, I’d lost the quality that made it worth hosting […aside from money], but last year, I was left with a renewed appreciation for the event after working which such an incredible team. Cara Zozula was our make-up artist, Liz Garza was our hairstylist, Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict was our stylist, @vermillionfox was our production coordinator and Kiss Me Deadly sponsored the event and all our lingerie. It was the pinnacle of the events since the very first. I’d hate to just let it slip away. 

It’s on my mind, and there has been so many successful years of NOIR in cities across the country. So many outstanding shoots with so many exceptional women, I thought I’d share a few more of my favorites from the last five years of Old Hollywood, cinematic NOIR events. Time isn’t stopping and I’m going to have to make a decision on NOIR 2017 soon, and with that decision, I’ll be doing another update here on Steemit […as I’ve mentioned, I redirected my personal website to my Steemit blog, so it’s relevant to anyone that’s curious about my plans for the rest of the year, Steemian or not]. In the mean time, enjoy the work!

I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and colorful venting about Poloniex, follow me here @poloniex!


Congrats on getting stuff sorted. Crypto exchanges need to be friggin' decentralized and trustless, and yesterday! I always do my Polo stuff for as small and amount and short a time as possible.

Yeah, this was the second time I was seriously burned by Poloniex @the-ivor. It sucks that Bittrex just doesn't have the volume for realistic trades [yet]. After this incident, I'm just going to make my trades and move my funds to a wallet. No more leaving my crypto on the exchanges.

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Thanks @shahzaibniaxi! I'll check it out now.

Curious of which thrift shop? I'm around the corner from there and haven't heard of that. Your photos are very professional. Good for you👍

You're in Plymouth, PA @slipperyslope48! No way. This is where I grew up. I don't know if it was a name other than "Thrift Store".

Just stopping by as your post attracted my attention :]
You lifestyle sounds very exciting to me. I love the modelling pics.

Thanks @aineyann! Yeah. It's a busy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks for the comment.

Congratz on getting your steem back! Stunning photos

Thanks @rawpride! What a relief. This has been such a stressful month not knowing if I'd see that money again.

Great photographs and good idea investing for yours sons education using steemit.
Who knows what it will be worth when he grows up.

Absolutely. 10 years, close to the time he graduates, I can't imagine what STEEM could be at. Thanks for the kind words @makrotheblack!

Upvote and now I follow you because of this spectacular post my friend \o/

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Your pictures are incredible and your models very pretty. I love this little retro side mixed with our time. I will follow you because you are very talented. Good job.

Thanks @izbing! I appreciate the kind words!

Fantastic Photography. Up-Voted and Followed. I am an Artist in Canada.

Thanks @offgridlife! That's awesome. I'll be coming to Toronto this fall. I'll check your blog out now.

Beautiful work!! I think my favorite is the last one when she is looking into the mirror, I love all the different textures and how they work together in a way to create this beautiful balance! Stunning!

Thanks @j-vo! Yeah. That's my friend Brianna. I've been fortunate to shoot with her a few times. She's stunning.

Thanks for sharing this Lars. You sure do have so major ups/down any given day, but you always manage to get things done. I jumped over and wrote a comment on Guthrie's page. I think that's a great idea for him.

In today's set my favorite is the third from the bottom, sitting in the chair facing left. I like the way the back light casts the highlights against the shape of her body and hair. Nice work as always.

Thanks @steempowerpics! Yeah. I think it's a good idea for @guthrie. Who knows what STEEM will be worth in 5 or 10 years. Most of what I post for him will be his own content. He makes YouTube videos on his own anyway. That's my friend Cindy. She's stunning. I've been fortunate to shoot with her about three times and her photos are always incredible. Thanks for the comment, here and on @guthrie's page!

I love your work! I think you are an incredible photographer.

Thanks very much @firepower! That means a lot!

Fantastic work
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Very nice Upped!!

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