New work w/ Holly Madison and other @kommienezuspadt goings on!

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Good evening, Steemians! I’m exhausted. This week has been a pattern of late nights and early mornings. I finally broke away and managed to edit this morning while at @caffetto coffee shop. That was nice, but now the weekend is nearly here and thus starts a series of unpredictable schedules that’ll again, impede my work. I’ve been saying for years, I love my job…I just need to find a way to actually DO IT! An endless cascade of hurdles just to get eight interrupted  hours.

Of the work I did manage to get to today, I finished a new edit of Holly Madison. Only sharing it here on Steemit for now. It was from our shoot in April of this year. As most of us know but now, Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday. I don’t know Holly’s personal life, but the time we spent shooting together, I did see how genuinely sweet of a person she is. I never had the chance to see “ The Girls Next Door” […I haven’t had cable in almost 15 years]. I know nothing about her feelings towards Hef now, but when I heard the news, I did think of her. I’m sure she’s bombarded with requests for comments, so as unobtrusively as possible, I wanted to finish this new photo and text it to her with offerings of positive vibes.

Over the weekend, I’ll be trying to finish edits of the remaining clients I have from Viva Las Vegas, and the last trip I took to LA during the end of August. Some new publications have rolled out as well. My good friend Cora of The Lingerie Addict has posted some of our big editorial for her blog. If you get a minute, visit “A Hollywood Heroine: TLA’s First Magazine Style Editorial”. I’m super proud of how this turned out. I’m going to contact to Cora if she’s alright with me posting the public photos from this shoot here on Steemit, but in the meantime, here’s a teaser. Definitely check out her blog!

Trial by Comics! Holy — shit! I can’t believe how quickly this contest became “a thing”! I mean, naturally, that was my hope…but in a little over a month there was dozens of entries for “Super-heroes” and “Super-villains”! The artists here on Steemit are incredible, and the community is so positive and supportive. Communities are coming to Steemit soon and my hope was to lay some foundation for their introduction to the platform. I liked the idea of drawing the default sketch for each week’s new theme. It would force me to stay busy drawing, and give me the opportunity to draw whatever I want…that’s why this week’s theme is Magic: The Gathering! I’d anticipate a lower turn out for entries simply because many of you aren’t MTG enthusiasts, but I’d encourage you to Google “magic the gathering planeswalkers” or something similar, pick a character that looks cool and just go with it. There’s likely to be less competition and a better chance of nabbing the 50SBD reward being put up by myself and @danielkiessler!

Speaking of Magic: The Gathering, I’ll finally have my EDH/Commander post made in the next few games. Myself, @tarotbyfergus @iamredbar and @vermillionfox have been having EDH wars lately. I can’t wait to share my Padeem Commander decklist. 

Thanks for reading! For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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[…I haven’t had cable in almost 15 years] that part and others I feel totally identificated I don´t know if it's wrong but since I read your blog I want to be like you..... I think that I even dreamed with ur photos and illustrations :) those pictures are magic you are what I admire most my friend.


Thanks very much @yusaymon! There are a few shows I really enjoy, but I can get them all a la carte on my iPad. Most of TV just stands in the way of achieving what you want for yourself. I'm really big on productivity and try to avoid anything that impedes that in my life.


me too my friend or I try, thanks for ur time !! I´m ur fan!!! ^_^

I'm quite sad that I've been such a slacker in the Trial by Comics competitions, but I've been following all the entries and it's so exciting to watch! As always your "sample" illustration for this week's theme is gorgeous!

This past weekend I went to the Baltimore Comic Con and as many cons are for me, it was an equal mix of exhilaration, inspiration, and exhaustion. I'm glad I went but it definitely knocked me out of what little posting and drawing rhythm I already had! Trying to get back on track and see what the coming week brings.

I dug out my old Magic cards just to shuffle through and maybe get inspired... I don't really know too many of the named characters that have grown in the mythology throughout the years, so I'm kind of tempted to just do a good Hurloon Minotaur or Mindstab Thrull to reminisce about my youth!


Thanks very much @bryan-imhoff. I really love doing those weekly drawings. That was more of my motivation to start the contest than anything. I needed something that would force me to commit to one drawing a week, at least. Glad you got to make it to the Comic Con. I wouldn't beat yourself up about being out of your routine. I hope you have time to enter the MTG contest. Surprisingly, there's already a lot of participation and some great entries. The Ajani's so far are badass. Hey, would you be interesting in judging one of these upcoming weeks?

thank you for sharing friend..

So cool Lars. The photo of Holly is really nice, I also love the sketch - you have some serious skills with the digital art.


Thanks very much @steempowerpics! I appreciate that. I've been drawing digitally long enough now I can't imagine trying to draw on paper, lol

great one bae upvoted <3

beautifull color amazing nice picture

thanks for sharing keep it up i follow & upvote your post.

"Shut Up and Take a Compliment!"

You ( @kommienezuspadt ) don't do anything the easy way, and it shows in the results. Sure, it isn't guaranteed that just because you invested the time and effort you will get the rewards, but you will gain the skill and knowledge. And, eventually, you will gain the renown.

Is it any wonder that you get so many views and votes? Is it any wonder that after showing your own work (production methods and all) that others scramble to submit theirs?

You throw your all in (exhausting, isn't it?) and others take notice. That's why you've quickly become a keystone of steemit society. You make steemit more interesting and stimulating.

Didn't you think that by challenging yourself and sharing the results with others that they would be inspired and desire to do likewise? You're the kind that leaves construction work in place rather than hide it, after all. For sure, available light will often leave you with an aperture so large that DoF is just.too.small, and I'm sure you cringe occasionally at slightly over/under exposed images. Those are the trials of the naked berserker, work with what you've got, and strive to persevere.

You're building community and standard by example. No need to take a bow, it's implicit in the humility with which you submit your work for the consideration of others, and in the effort you make, at all hours of the day, even when you would otherwise have been asleep 45mins ago you make effort to write just a few paras of meaningful text. I'm sure 'submit' is the harbinger of sleep on several nights in any given week.

Thanks for sharing all the hard work, construction lines and all.

PS: At the risk of appearing superficial, these two ladies were made to be photographed, they look like Elvgren portraits, and you have done a wonderful job of framing their lovely eyes, cheekbones, countenance, and beautiful surrounds, right down to a little lace (I appreciate stone, wood, iron, and lacework; shuddup! my mother does amazing lace, it's a lot of hard, time consuming, and quite mathematical work, I appreciate it.).


Nice, beautiful, amazingly......
I am running out of words to appreciate this work of art, I'm upvoted.....

I love what you do in Steemit and more knowing that you do not have time and you take it out so as not to forget the community. Thank you for that, keep it up and keep making many successes in your life.

Greetings from Venezuela.


I definitely don't @yanes94, but it's what people always say, "...if it's important to you, you'll make time", and that's true. I appreciate that. So impressed and proud of your commitment to Steemit with everything going on in Venezuela! Thanks for all the love!


Thank you very much for your words and grateful for your solidarity with me and my Venezuelan brothers.

Stunning photos. I hopped over to the lingerie addict for a quick peek, and man, I was not disappointed. Ashleeta is a total babe. I hope Cora will be on board with you posting more images on here!

I haven't played MTG since I was a teenager... I wonder if my sister still has our old decks. But a little (super old) knowledge of the game, and a little poking around on google, and I am getting pretty stoked about this week's Trial by Comics.


Thanks vey much @offbeatbroad. Cora's blog is incredible. She is such a devout specialist in the field of lingerie and sleepwear. If there was a such thing as lingerie TED talks, she'd be a speaker for sure. I'll talk to her soon about releasing a few of these. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the contest. You should look in to Honor Crop Captain, Liliana Vess, Nissa or Avacyn. All would be so fun to draw.

I love your photography. I recently read something about how sometimes male photographers don't make women feel as if they are looking to expose something deeper than their bodies in the photographs--perhaps because they are not (I suppose it is true for women photographers too, in some way). But a truly great photographer has the ability to do that, to show the inner and outer beauty at the same time. I think that's what you're doing with the Viva Las Vegas series, and I just wanted to say great work. I'm a huge fan.


That really, really means a lot @jessandthesea! Any chance you can find that article? I'd love to read it. Yes, it's an epidemic problem. There are good male photographers out there [...I'm friends with a handful], but they're few and far between. I really pride myself on pushing against the stereotype and capturing a deeper side to the beauty of my clients, and to do it all without being a). a creep, and b). shooting the client how most guys would want to see the woman [...or her body] portrayed. The upcoming book with @wcpublishing is going to be incredible!