Littlest Lady in Christchurch, New Zealand!

Hey, Steemit! Hope you’re all having a good night […morning shortly, for many of you]. I’m just getting @guthrie to bed, now savoring a quiet house where I can think, write and make a blog post. It’s been a good day with a balance amount of work and fun. @ghostfish, @bryanpollite and myself shot footage for the @coppercoins crowdfunding campaign and I spent the morning editing it. @tarotbyfergus and I played MTG for a bit, hung out with @guthrie and eventually @vermillionfox at @caffeto. I’m going to draw after this, and maybe read more of American Gods.

Alright! New photography! These photos are very recent, and as you all know, I take great pleasure in sharing them here on Steemit before I post them anywhere else on the internet. These photos are from a shoot I recently did with Littlest Lady in Christchurch, New Zealand. She’s an outspoken mental and emotional health advocate and blogger on trauma and abuse. I really looked forward to meeting her and shooting with, above all, to ensure a positive and comfortable experience. Something many women struggle with in the industry.

I co-hosted this event with my close friend Ella, also known as Miss Victory Violet. A location that she arranged for our sessions is called OGB, which I later found out means “Old Government Building”. We’d started hair and make-up early, and Ms. Lady was our third shoot of the day. A completely different approach to other photographers she’s worked with, I was having her pose in small spaces, surrounded with candles and small mirrors. She seemed unsure, but took such great direction.

These are just the first in a series of edits with Littlest Lady still to come. I’m really excited for the next round, as some of the photos we made at the end of the shoot are really stunning! I’m really loving these HF22 changes. I feel that long form blogging on Steemit will always be my interpretation of the platform, and the direction the site is going since the hard fork is very much in line with my strengths as an author. Thanks for reading. For more photography, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!


Heya, man!

  1. Betty Machete is the coolest name ever
  2. Thanks for the upvotes!
  3. Which Ithaqa character would you most like to see a steemit exclusive print for? You're in my Council of 5 so you get a vote!

@drwatson, just about to go to sleep but I’ll think on that and get back to you tomorrow! YAAASSS! Council of five is the new (80) on Steemit!🤓

Haha exactly! Council of 5 is officially the pinnacle of steemit reputation - especially in the comic community!

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Your photography is quite sensational and beautiful.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

I always like, your interesting photography.

Every model girl in your photography is very nice.!

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Hello Lars, how are you doing. I'm glad I can read your blog every day. Also with beautiful photos that you always share here. Speaking of little women ... we here in Indonesia also have an average small body. because the people of Southeast Asia generally have short and small bodies. Have a nice day, sir.

Good day to you, @elianaelisma! That is true. My partner, @vermillionfox is Lao, and she's 4'10". I'm also short for an average guy in the US, though. I'm 5'6". We make a cute couple, though. Actually, this model wasn't that little. I'm guessing there's a deeper meaning with her blog. Have a great day.

Love the classic style and setting.

Now I’m dead curious about all the stories these women have to tell. Hope you told them about this platform! It’d be amazing if they started sharing their stories - honestly, they could help so many people @kommienezuspadt

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What a cool thing to do for a job. I'm confused and maybe i missed something in your writeup. Are the 2nd photos of the same person that is in the first one? I feel as though although the hair looks the same, that it is a different woman.

They’re the same woman, @gooddream. I think the shadows in that second photo hide her hair a bit, but it’s all the same model. It is a cool job. I’m burnt out on traveling so I tend to complain about that part a lot, but I love shooting, seeing new places and meeting new people. I’ve had some awful jobs in my life so I try to be grateful.

That's a good way to look at life. The grass is always greener and all that. I once had a traveling job that had a pretty amazing salary and I failed to see the forest from the trees (or some other cliche) and did nothing but moan about said job despite the fact that i was catered to in many many ways with fancy hotels, premium club membership, corporate AmEx and what not. I was super relieved to leave that job, only to end up missing it years later. Ha!

you produce some fine work friend. I tend to admire these sorts of things since even my Huawei gets on my case about not keeping my arm steady enough for the photos I take.

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