I've missed you, Steemit!

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Good evening, Steemit and so sorry for my absence! I have been enjoying the closest thing to vacation I’ve had in over ten years. Myself, @guthrie and @vermillionfox arrived in LA over a week ago. Following our time in Los Angeles, we made our way to Palm Springs to visit friends. Finally, during the remaining days of the trip, we made the four hour drive Las Vegas, and as I write this, we’re 38,000 feet over Colorado, returning to our believed Twin Cities. If you do the math, you may ask yourself “...was this trip a coordinated effort to avoid the Super Bowl?”, and if you did, you’d be absolutely correct. No regrets, at all. 

I’ve missed Steemit, and sometimes a set of circumstances that keep you from the things you love, renews your appreciation for the importance it has in your life. That has certainly been the case for me over the last week and a half. I’ve received heartfelt messages from friends like @eveuncovered, wondering where I’ve been. It’s nice to be missed. This trip was meant to be 1/3 vacation, 1/3 work and 1/3 finalizing shoots for “Dark Pinup”. It ended up being exactly that, but within the first few days, it became clear that posting nightly was going to carve in to the remaining “vacation” 1/3. Although fun and productive, our days were long. Our sleep schedules still two hours ahead, we were all exhausted by 9:00p.m., and I gave myself permission to enjoy the trip without commitments hanging over my head. 

So much has happened over the last ten days. Not just for us personally, but the world. Thankfully, prior to departing for LA, I sold off some crypto to pay for flights, rental car, hotels and even Disneyland. The timing couldn’t have been better. Just days later, the entire crypto-market [...and stock market] collapsed [...corrected, but looking at my portfolio during the bloodshed, it definitely looked worse than a typically “correction”]. Fortunately, during the first few days of the trip, I had four paid shoots! The only thing that calmed my crypto-woes was buying more of it at 50% off prices! 

As far as the trip itself, there was more that happened than I can fit in one blog post. I’ll be breaking each leg of the journey up in to separate posts this coming week, but I can tell you, it was hands down, the best trip of my life. For those that’ve been following me since I joined Steemit, you’ll note how much I travel and the significance of that statement. When I’m on the road shooting, I always miss my family. This was the first time I didn’t have to and it was such a fulfilling feeling. There have been dozens of times I’ve told @guthrie “Daddy has to go to work in LA and I’ll be back in a week.”. He finally had a chance to see what I do. He even took a few photos himself! 

Seeing friends was another highlight of the trip. The pace for my usual work trips is so fast that visiting friends typically only happens if we work together [...be it model, make-up or hair and beauty]. Finally, I was able to slow down. @guthrie finally had a chance to meet @thomaskuntzart. We hung with @carazozula during a shoot in La Cañada. A few days with Berrit and @danielkiessler in Palm Springs [...I even walked them through how to buy EOS at an incredibly discounted price]. Finally, in Vegas, lunch with Morat and Masuimi Max, followed by a new shoot [...our first since last February] with my BFF, @vintagevandalizm

One of the final highlights of this near perfect journey was righting a wrong that personally took a heavy toll on me. Just days before “Dark Pinup” goes to print, a model that had previously agreed to be in the book, redacted her willingness to participate. It was someone I’d considered a friend, and easily some of my favorite photos within the 240 pages of the publication. It was devastating. Around the same time, I started talking to a Las Vegas model named Ellie Rayne, and there seemed a small chance of shooting together during the final days of this trip.

As Vegas became closer, I was able to bring a talented make-up artist and hairstylist on board. Through friends, I was put in touch with Glam Factory, the only vintage clothing boutique in Vegas. They allowed to pull six vintage slips and gowns. As has been the case over the years, my friend Ralph offered me his incredible Speakeasy as a shoot location. Ellie showed up with a welcoming smile. We immediately had a great introduction that really lifted my spirits. You never know how the chemistry will work with a model [...or photographer] you've only corresponded with through Instragram. At 241,000 followers, she is legitimately Insta-famous, but as down to earth and cool as I could have hoped for.

Initially, I actually started shooting very nervous [...doesn't happen often these days]. Ellie has tons of modeling experience with Vegas-style photographers, and I knew she'd be set back by my approach of diegetic, available light, dark photography. As soon as I got my first few photos that really showcased the mood I was aiming to capture, I showed her on the back of the camera. We both got really excited, and we doubled down on making this an exceptional shoot. She felt comfortable enough to shoot implied, as nude photos which will appear in "Dark Pinup", but for now, I'm elated to share the first edit with you all!

Thanks for reading, and missing me during my vacation hiatus! I'm so happy to be back in my Steemit routine! I'll be on the regular post rotation, including the announcements of the last Trail by Comics winners for "Pencils" [...thank you all for your patience]. For more photography, art, travel and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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OMG your eyes are stunning af!

Welcome back you sexy boy! ;)

and sometimes a set of circumstances that keep you from the things you love, renews your appreciation for the importance it has in your life.

This correlates with 'absence makes the heart grow fonder'.
Welcome back to Steemit.
I missed you o

Omg you are looking so sexy😉😉


Thank you. The tattoos and piercings really do it for some guys.

i must tell you that you have a beautiful face, i would love to go on a date this valentines day.


Thank you @tennysonck. Is it my septum ring, or my rough exterior? I’ll have to talk to @vermillionfox about the date thing, but she’s really in to boy love, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Great post welcome dear steemit saying keep it up🌹

When you are away from the platform :) I think it works very well managed. a beautiful trip, great photos and sincerity! I want you to look more around here. You're a very successful artist :) I wish you a nice evening. yet we wake up! :)

nice post ... (y)
if u dont mind can u help to vote my post ...I would appreciate it


You should try getting upvotes for your post using tags that are designed for newcomers to get more attention like newbieresteemday... just something of an etiquette on Steemit not to ask for upvotes in the comments :)


im sorry ... ok thanks for advice


It's okay, we are all here to help each other and learn :) I am sure you have a lot of interesting things to share and we are all here to support you. If you put the newbieresteemday tag it is one of the best ways to get people to look at and upvote your post.

Its so amazing how people are so attached to steemit. They will go on vacations and have steemit on thr mind to put forth the journey they had. Great sentiments attached and what nice write up to put all this together!!

Welcome back @kommienezuspadt, your works are amazing!!

great to see u back !!!! enjoy the mini roller costa till the nxt vacation :p

Those few shots that you posted are gorgeous! I can't wait to see more of your work!


Thanks very much @giveabit! I'm back in the swing of things now that I'm home. Much more to come.


I'm looking forward to it! Following...

Welcome back :) Steem on!


Thanks so much @splendorhub! You're beautiful and your posts are really good! I just followed you!

Glad to have you back. You're timing of selling some off for trip expenses is awesome news, that always makes you feel good, and then buying some back at 1/2 off. I look forward to hearing more about your trip


It was good timing, @gringalicious. When I had to sell some for the trip expenses, I did it begrudgingly, because I’m an inherent optimist. All I was thinking is how much higher it would go. Fortunately, necessity proved to be the right move because that awful correction came right after. The trip was amazing! Enjoy your vacation!

I don't do fatties but damn, that redhead looks sexy af


Keep your Tinder profile off my comment thread.


You don't do fatties because they want nothing to do with you, you unworthy piece of bellybutton lint.

Welcome back kommie ... hoping you had a great vacation and share your wonderful photos in your blog... love to see it...😊

we missed your posts too..hope you enjoyed being on vacation plus work tour. your work seems interesting too and ifyou are passionate about your work and enjoys it then i think it shouldnt be considered work


Thanks @mariahbill! That's so nice to feel that I was missed. There's so much great content and creators on Steemit, I was worried that 10 days off the site would mean I'd slip in to oblivion!

photos and descriptions are very illuminating.Thanks

The new photo is beautiful, I am sure you'll be able to compensate the loss!
Might even turn out better. Life always has a plan of its own ;)


Yeah, @sycop. Honestly, I think Ellie is even better than the model she's replacing in the book.

Looks like you guys had a blast. That shot of @guthrie holding the camera is epic. He'll appreciate that even more as hes older.


Yeah, @davekavanagh! This was such a great, healthy trip. Oh, yeah! It was so cute watching him take photos. I've been letting him shoot with my $3000 camera since he was 3 years old, lol.


Haha good stuff. Man I wished I started off shooting so young. I always tinkered around with cameras when I was younger but nothing serious. I was more interested in learning guitar and playing Nintendo when I was younger. Thankfully I stumbled into photography eventually. I'm going with better late than never ;)

thank you for this great post and update.. you were missed.. each day I see those pinups and each day I think, this is better then the day before.. can't wait to see more again.


It's nice to be missed @rival! Thanks for the support. That's such a great comment. I'm glad I can bring that kind of value to Steemit!

I am sorry for the setback, man! That's so frustrating. I hope you got it figured out. I'm glad you had a blast on your vacation anyway.


The vacation was great @velveteendream! I got to catch up with @ghostfish tonight, too!

Welcome back! Your photos are really incredible. The natural lighting in the first and the lamplight in the second - both stunning! P.S. I'm based in LA so I hope my hometown showed you a good time.


Thank you @erb! Are you really? That's awesome. One of these trips, we really need a Steemit Meetup! @artedellavita and I were suppose to get together but there ended up not being time.

Aww, so cute you mentioned me! :D And damn that last picture, pure fire! I'm so going to use that as an inspiration!


Of course I mentioned you @eveuncovered! I was wondering if any one noticed my absence so your message was heartwarming! I'm so glad you like the last one. That shoot just barely happened and it's SOOOO incredible! She also felt comfortable enough to shoot nudes, and they are AMAZING!

Welcome back!! You are one busy man! :) but takes time to create all the awesome things you produce 😊


Thank you @polebird! Yeah, it was a hectic pace. I got some awesome shoots finished just under the wire, though. A few of them will be making it in to the book!


oh yay that's awesome they will make the cut! :)

Wow, I miss you so much as your publications and contest, I'm glad you've really enjoyed your vacation, it's good that you took your son and could see you work ;)

hehehehe Welcome.


Thank you, darling! I missed Steemit as well. The trip was so fast paced, though, there was no way I could do everything. It was stressing me out and I decided just to enjoy the vacation.

Glad to know you’re back home safe and sound! I would check on your page often for updates haha figured you were busy working your magic on my coast! It makes me happy to hear you and your family truly enjoyed yourselves, it’s such a pleasure to hear!
And that last picture........ that’s gold!
Welcome back hugs your way!💜

So happy to have you back! I definitely missed seeing your posts on the regular. But I'm so glad you were able to take a bit of vacation time! I was saying to @vermillionfox last week sometime that I couldn't believe she was able to find the time to still do regular posts while travelling. lol
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. 😊
Welcome back!

Very stunning pictures!

I'm glad you had such a good vacation! And WOW that sneak peak last photo is AMAZING! 😮

You are a great photographer, love your work. Welcome back to the tribe.🐓