Big decision: I'm taking a break from Steemit

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

Last week I have been walking in a Paradise like landscape. On Gran Canaria: four different climates in one small island.
It have been a recovery and a great way to think and to collect strength.
In 85 days I will, hopefully get my graduation. During these 85 day I will also work and take care of my kids.
I have to cut down on some of my "obligations" and as it was before I went on my trip, among the things that stressed me a lot, was Steemit. I will take a break from posting here on my blog. My upvotes from Steem Voter, will continue of course. I will be back in summer, when my life is getting a bit calmer again. I hope you all are still here then:-)

My time on Steemit have been, in periods very intense, I always jump in to things full speed. And often I realise that I can't go on like that. One day I might learn, but things that are fun and great in so many ways are hard to resist. But there is no one else that is responsible for my health so I need to take a break for a while.

Well then I hope to see you all soon. Here are a few pictures from my trip to Gran Canaria, I hope you will enjoy!






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@kerlund74 you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

I will miss you. wish you luck in your work towards graduation and hope we are both still around. Im thinking of taking a break too. feeling a lack of appreciation and caring lately, probably related to price of steem. I do hope you obtain everything you desire :)

I will miss you as well. There are some people here that really are amazing, that is the hardest part <3 Hope you will come to a decision that works for you!

excellent photography!

I really love these images. I'm so glad that you're taking time away to rest, recharge, recuperate and reorganise yourself and the things that mean a lot to you, as we all need to make time in our lives to be kind and considerate to ourselves, just as we are endeavouring to be kind and considerate of others and the world we surround ourselves by. I look forward to speaking with you about the things that make your soul sing again soon. Take it easy, oh Kerly one :D

Awww! I hear you...jumping into things full speed and later realizing that it's all too something that I can definitely relate to. Coming back with a fresh mind and new ideas is never a bad idea...and you can resume whichever ventures that you still remain passionate about. Perhaps with new insight into what works for you. I will really miss you during the 85 days...we haven't caught up lately and did not know your health was suffering! Sending my love and best wishes and looking forward to your return already! <3

You will be missed! I hope IRL experiences get you rejuvenated and excited to come back and share all of your adventures with those of us that love you. 💓

Sometimes it's necessary. In November, I also took such a step. I was gone a month. And I'm back with new forces and ideas. I hope you have a good rest and start blogging again. Take care.

Hey @kerlund74 we gonna so miss you...
Please get the graduation degree fast and come back ...
or just leave the graduation instead :P
BTW, great shots as always... come back soon :)
We will be here and waiting for ya !!

Hi, nice photography

have a great time @kerlund74, I know that I will miss your presence here acutely!! however, life is good and I support your pursuit of it :-)). keep us in your back pocket and share when you're ready.

Now, come back with a great photo. perfect colors, perfect nature.
and extraordinary narration :)
Thanks for your new photos, my friend.

Good luck as you work toward graduation. We'll see you this summer!

Your health comes first... I wish you a good holiday...

I wish you a good recovery and hope to hear from you again I I have never been to the Canarie Ilands, but it looks great, beautiful! Thank you!

You will be missed @kerlund74, I hope the summer will end up coming quickly this year so we can have you back. Be well I wish you the best :)

Lycka till med examen!
Vi ses snart igen här på Steemit. 😀

and it's been a month :(

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I was thinking about you today... and I just realized by visiting your profile that it's been already 3 months... I hope you'll come back soon... the girls and me miss you! :/ <3

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i'm missing you! hope you are doing well and taking lots of wonderful photos :)

Sometimes we need to prioritise our needs. Wish you good luck and good health.

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Thanks : )

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