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RE: Merry Almost Christmas to You and You and You

in #photography2 years ago

Wow! What a delightful and big tree you have in the sitting room!

The more trees the better!
So that the little angels
Have places for getting together.
For gifts and hugs be exchangeable.

Listen carefully in the night,
Angels singing will bring you such delight!



Thank you @Kaminchan! I have no idea why I put so many trees up, except for the fact that I love them and they make me smile every time I walk by them.

The more the better. Yes. I believe so! :)
The angels have plenty of places to get together.
I do listen carefully every night!

I wish you a wonderful day of peace and delight!


Thank you very much for the tip!

These colourful Christmas trees are very special. They have very good vibes and warm up everyone’s heart!
I wish we had one here! But imported trees from Canada are very expensive!!

Best wishes to you all!

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