Random Japan: The Lost Friday Night

in photography •  5 months ago

the lost friday night


too late. i’m too late. i missed the train.


it’s no worries mate. u can stay at mine. just stay at mine.


a bite to eat. talk to some strangers. not strangers anymore.


some more drinks for home. why not.


u have to use the scissors. there’s no doorknob.


we are living in strange times indeed. might as well play some music, listen to some records, and have some fun.



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DLive and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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Well, that jacket of England looks real nice..😊😊

@kafkanarchy84 Those two are very cool guitars. Do you work something related to music or its just as a hobby ?

your post makes me know more japan country and more interesting me to visit japan. when i later paycheck from steemit.

Hahaha. From the title I remember an old song of Katy Perry " last Friday night "

@kafkanarchy84 ohh great pictures buddy

plot twist
Where does your friend(?) keep the knife when he leaves home?