7 Winter Photos To Get You Inspired (From Idaho)

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Winter Is Coming

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, winter is knocking on your door.

I am sharing this post to inspire you to pick up a camera and head outside on those gorgeous winter days. In Idaho, not every winter day is this brilliant, but when they are you need to take notice.

I will be sharing a similar post as this on my blog (Great Escapes Journal) soon. Each of you here on Steem get a sneak peak!








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What is your favorite thing about winter?


Realy amazing photograph. Wish to be there

The brightness of sunny days starting February over here above the 60th northern latitude. Not a fan of the darkness of December and January. But the gleaming snow of late winter is beautiful.

Idaho is close to the 49th parallel, and even here the darkness feels like a lot sometimes

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Gorgeous landscapes

Lovely to behold

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Love those shots. We are in perpetual summer for a while now so I am missing the snow ;-)

Here in Chile we're just heading into summer, but it feels like it should be ski season.

It's too early! It's actually already snowed once here in MN, although it didn't stick around. More is in the forecast, though.

I heard that it had snowed already in Minnesota! Hope you all have a nice winter.

Beautiful photos Justin!! Oh my goodness I am craving snow now...

Thank you Justine!