New Years Day Frosted Photo Fun

in #photography5 years ago


Last night I took this shot of Will Heron who runs the @johnabbott steemit page.
The sunset was looking great and making some great colors and shadows, so we went out into the cold for a quick photo shoot.
Sadly I think I missed focus just a hair. It was below zero degrees (F) so I didn't take the time to check in the moment.

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Slick! Loving that purple on the snow.

Thanks @jrue, sweet photo.

The colours of the sky are beautiful! :)

Such a beautiful and perfect click, Pretty and colorful photo. You are doing a great job @jrue

Wonderful picture dear friend

Great photo Drew. I like the way you captured the low sun's shadows on the snow.

The trees and the purple cast make this photo lovely. Nice shot :)

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This is great! I would even go as far as calling those colors on the right, Magenta!

this is wonderful mate! !

Those are amazing tones you got there! What time of day was this?

WOW!!! the background color is awesome man!!! Nice picture taken at correct time!!!

Amazing photo 😎

Am not a photographer, so happened browse by and saw this post. Click in and see a larger picture, yes indeed it's marvelous. I'm actually paying a lot of attention to the tree branches. It somewhat looks like a repeated pattern in front of a splash of water color where the sky painted in faded red and blue tone. Absolutely admired!

Currently listening to some music that resonates well with this photo. I love the colors in the sky. Even slightly out of focus it's a great pic.

Everything is frozen Nice view

Your photo is insanely beautiful! I absolutely love it! :)

Very special and unique.

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