Mosque in the Mountains - Iraqi Kurdistan

in #photography5 years ago

I took this shot hang out the window of a moving Toyota Land Cruiser while driving through rural Kurdistan- near Soran. The bright white mosque really stood out against the black mountains. This mosque looked quite a bit more elaborate than most mosques in the area, which makes me wonder if this is a wealthier area than other areas nearby.


FujiFilm X-T1
Fujinon 35mm f/2 : f/2
ISO 400

I had to use a high ISO and fast shutter speed since I was moving.


very good my friend
thanx for shring, i love IRAQ, I LIVE IN TEHRAN

Thanks! I’d love to visit Iran some day, politics are stopping that from happening for now though.

Great photo again, I love the colour and the saturation, makes it look like a painting. Top work!

Agreed Djrue. Another Caspar David Freidrich

Would love to visit Iraqi Kurdistan

Things are a little uneasy right now due to the recent referendum, but it’s a great place to visit!

photography is very good, I like your post

woo wooo, it is well excellent image

Impressive beautiful photo.

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I have a very good expression

Hello. Great photo. I love it.

very good post and the picture is very clear I am very interested to see it @jrue

Sangat bagus foto ini, semua komposisi jelas terlihat, perpaduan efek yang bagus @jrue.

Beautiful picture.. this country would have developed more than it is if not because of terrorism that's happening in some parts of Iraq

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