Kurdish Engagement Party - Part 2

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Here is the first part of the post if you want to check that out.

We piled into trucks and cars and left bride's family's house to head to a flatter area more suitable for dancing, an activity Kurds always seem to be doing.
Seriously, this was one of the most picturesque spots I've ever been to and the only reason the party moved there was because it had a flat parking lot.

Someone pulled a sound system out of their truck and the dancing began. Many of the women had trouble dancing because many were wearing high heel slippers and dresses that would catch under their feet. After a while (probably half an hour) the women stepped away and the men did a few more complicated dances.

Several of us were feeling a little sick so we headed home while the party was still going strong, but I'm guessing they were out dancing for a few more hours!

Here's the view looking from the parking lot:

All Kurdish dances I saw involved linking pinkies with the person next to you.

Some of the kids were playing a game while their parents danced away.

Here's my brother, Aaron.

Make sure you leave a comment! Stay tuned for more Kurdish pictures.


Those mountains in the first picture set themselves up so perfectly composition wise! Beautiful shot. Also, Aaron looks like a natural in a turban.

Yeah some people thought he was a local.

Did you join in on the dancing? Also that's a really pretty parking lot.

Yeah, their endurance is amazing though so I never lasted as long.

Great choice for your opening photo, that pulled me in straight away. That is so cool that they moved the party to a flat parking lot, dedication to dancing! And yet again the colouring in these photos is awesome!

First photo is perfect in it's minimal, almost symmetric story!

That is such a beautiful picture! (The one from the park space). It's quite amusing that the spot with flat footing dictated where the party would be held but it sure made for a great view!

nice post..... vote me plz..

Don't use spam comment someone will give you flag.

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing them.

thank you :)

Great shot of the misty valley layers! Ah I love Kurdish dancing! The crazy electric baglama and the pinky finger holding and the big circle!

the look from the parking lot is great.
thanks for sharing @jrue
check out my blog @joepike if you like.

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