Frosty Engagement Photos

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

My brother-in-law Thomas and his fiancée Emma got engaged this week and Thomas asked if I could snap a few photos of the action.
It was around 5*F so there wasn't much to do outside together besides ice skate.

I ran out on the ice to get a quick portrait then got out of there quick!

Here they are just after just after the question:

Thomas' family set up a little winter picnic spot near by.

Here they are "warming up" by the fire.

Congrats to the happy couple!


Haha that looks like a cooooold picnic 😂 Awesome though! Congrats T-boy

Cold on the outside, warm on the inside.

That looks like an awesome little picnic. Was it just coffee or did they have food too?

Hot cheese dip and bread.

We should do that.

Great to see these! We heard so much about this beautiful moment.

Wonderful views and beautiful pictures God bless them together and bless you too friend

Thanks man!

Nawwwww that looks amazing! I still can't get over people ice skating on ponds... that looks like so much fun. Did you take a photo with skates on or did they force you work out on the ice?

Did Emma suspect anything considering you and his parents were there? I always wonder if girls know before it happens...

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple , they're super cute together.

Well they didn’t force me to do anything but I just ran out on the ice quick, got a few shots and left.

No she had no idea, there is a big row of pone trees between the pond and where we were working. Definitely surprised!

Sorry, that was supposed to be "walk" not "work".

Ahhhh, that's genius, I didn't realise everyone else was out of sight. That's such a great proposal story, Thomas freakin' killed it. Looking at it again, that first photo really is great.

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happy for them and you tool a wonderful pictures for them

@jrue just like a prenup pictures, sweet click for the couple...
Congratulations and bestwishes to them.
Happy Blessed Weekend!

I feel like the pond has already paid for itself and more in hockey games, proposals and romantic-vista-provision. Nice photos as well. I can only imagine that sunshine and snow present challenges for exposure.

Dang 5f is COLD... i thought my couple on saturday was hardcore for being in the mountain in a snow storm. But it was like 30f and the snow didn't turn out to be very heavy.

You motivated me to post some of my shots. Hope you stay warm!

Sometimes it's the memories that make the pictures even better

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