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Rainbow over the Lake / Regenbogen über dem See

in photography •  2 months ago 

Good evening @janton 😊
Yes, another work day less in my work life 😉 lol
No, I haven't read anything real bad yet, just some comments about these bots, which downvote everyone who uses bidbots or such.
I have used tipu again today and got downvoted by two bots at once.
Just wait and see, what the future brings ;)

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Do those 2 bots take away your profit? I've read many scathing posts about how horrible the hardfork is and many think this is the death of steemit generally speaking. Not for the Steem blockchain but just steemit but I hope they are wrong.

No, @janton, luckily these bots seem to have not enough power.

I don't think, that it's the end of Steemit. Maybe the smaller accounts will move to other frontends if they are not patient enough, but if they don't earn here they won't earn there I believe.

Well they are doing alot of things to help the blockchain but not that much to help steemit but if the blockchain is strong then steemit can still last. Thanks for the beer, that sounds so good, it is hot here!

Good morning @janton,
I agree, and I would do (nearly) anything to help more, but at this moment, I even don't know, how to help myself. That sounds weird, I know, and maybe it is still too early in the morning 😉

You're very welcome, my friend, have another !BEER :)

Howdy today again sir johannpiber! We are just in another wait and see situation, it seems like we've been in one ever since I joined!

Right, my friend, I think, we have used this phrase quite a few times since I joined last year 😉

Many people only see a downward spiral since we joined last year but maybe that is just steemit that has decreased, hopefully the blockchain is getting more solid and I think it is.

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Hey @janton, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

I think, the blockchain is solid, but I don't know, how Steemit will do. Hopefully it will grow again. I honestly do not know, what is going on, and what the real intention of the hardforks was, although I have read most information.
I say it once more: wait and see ;) lol

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Hey @janton, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Thank you so much beerlover!