Autumn Colors, Cairns and Fog / Herbstfarben, Steinmännchen und Nebel

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On my last trip over the Vršič Pass in Slovenia I also passed the place where many cairns are standing.

Auf meiner letzten Fahrt über den Vršič Pass in Slowenien kam ich auch an der Stelle vorbei, an welcher viele Steinmännchen stehen.

Autumn colors, cairns and fog
Herbstfarben, Steinmännchen und Nebel
Vršič Pass, Slovenia

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Canon EOS R | EF 16-35mm 1:4L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 1/13 sec • @22 mm

It is a small gravel parking lot in a curve, where apparently many people take a break and build small stone towers.
Hundreds of these little stone towers stood around the last time I passed this square, and I promised my friend @tattoodjay photos of these many stone men.
Unfortunately, somebody must have had something against my plan and cleaned up, because now only a few intact cairns were to be seen, sorry JJ - maybe next year.

Es handelt sich um einen kleinen Schotterparkplatz in einer Kurve, wo anscheinend viele Menschen Pause machen und so ein kleines Steinmännchen errichten.
Als ich zuletzt dort vorbeigekommen bin, standen hunderte dieser Türmchen herum, und ich habe meinem Freund @tattoodjay Fotos dieser vielen Steinmännchen versprochen gehabt.
Leider dürfte irgendjemand etwas dagegen gehabt und aufgeräumt haben, weil nun nur noch wenige intakte Steinmännchen zu sehen gewesen sind, sorry JJ - vielleicht nächstes Jahr.

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Canon EOS R | EF 16-35mm 1:4L IS USM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 1/20 sec • @35 mm

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM
ISO 100 • f/14 • 1/15 sec • @200 mm

Most of the trees in the area had already turned autumnal yellow and orange, and when I was there, the fog had cleared a bit and the rain had stopped, so I did not get wet.

Die Bäume in der ganzen Gegend hatten sich zum Großteil schon herbstlich gelb und orange verfärbt, und als ich dort gewesen bin, hat sich der Nebel ein Stück in die Höhe verzogen und der Regen etwas nachgelassen, so dass ich nicht nass geworden bin.

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM
ISO 100 • f/11 • 1/20 sec • @118 mm


Location / Standort: My Photo Spot on Google Maps

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Thank you very much for resteeming my post, @artmentor 🙂

Lovely fall colors and still a few Cairns standignthere a pity the others wer eknocked down but as you say they will be there next year :)


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Thank you very much 🙂

Yes, I am pretty sure, they willl be there next year 😉
Thanks a lot for liking the photos, JJ, have a great day 🙂

Always a pleasure to visit your post my friend


Such nice replies would at least earn double !BEER - but such a feature is not implemented to the beerlover bot yet 👍😉

Wel any !BEER is a good beer in my mind :)

And that's the other half of the double !BEER now 😉

Well two Beers is just a warm up so have another !BEER

cairns are somehow universal...

Poconos, PA

Yes, they are everywhere, but I have never made one myself.
Thanks for your comment, @torico 🙂

I can see them. They remind me of the story of a Stoneman I once wrote about with my kids. In turn we wrote one or two lines. Somehow they remind me of the giant Balaton too. 🤔

Happy day. 💕

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A few weeks before I made these photos there have been hundreds of these cairns all around there. The winter and the snow would have destroyed them anyway, but I thought I could take some nice photos of the cairns, because I haven't seen so many of them on one place before.
Thank you very much for your nice comment, @wakeupkitty 🙂


They are really great plus remind me of the "monsters" in my #MarchMadness story although they are greenish and glow in the dark. 😍

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I could go there at night and stealthily paint the cairns with green luminescent paint 😉 lol
Wish you a great day and weekend, @wakeupkitty 🙂


@johannpiber If you make a picture after you did I have prove my giants ecist 😁. Great idea. Great weekend to you too. 💕

Haha, I wish you a great weekend too, @wakeupkitty 🙂


Amazing shots! A landscape in the fog looks charmed.
By the way, now i remembered, once I saw a "spot of stone towers" on Path of Gods. It is a trail in mountains along the coast line. Remember, I was very surprised trying to guess who made them and what for :)

I feel like your posts make me go to Austria next year )))

Thank you very much for your nice comment, dear @zirochka 🙂
You can see these stone cairns everywhere, and when I have seen the first ones I have not known, what they are good for ... I still cannot see a reason for these ;)
I haven't taken the photos in Austria - it was in Slovenia, but close to the Austrian border though ;) lol

Ok, let it be Slovenia )) Even closer ;)

I think they build those stone towers for calming down. For when you're excited it would be a difficult work )

This might be right, of course, but I also think, that when you see hundreds of them on one place, it's just fun for the people to build more ;)

Just fun for many calm people, LOL

That's true for sure 🙂

Sehr beeindruckend :)

Liebe Grüße aus Uruguay

Ich danke dir vielmals und und schicke liebe Grüße zurück 🙂

Tolle Fotos, der Herbst hat den Wald mit goldenen Farben bemalt 😉👍

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Der Herbst ist eine wunderschön farbenfrohe Jahreszeit. Ich danke dir sehr, dass die dir Fotos gefallen, Maja 🙂

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Thank you so very much for resteeming my post, dear @pixresteemer, I appreciate it 🙂

Mountains covered in fog .. my favorite weather for a mountain hike .. this makes me a bit jealous, hehe ^^

I know you love the fog 😉
Fog and rain together ist something I don't like much, but fog alone is cool. Fortunately the fog cleared and the rain stoped for a while, so that I could take a few photos 🙂
Thank you for your comment @adalger ... !BEER

Starke Fotos, wie immer 👍

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Guten Morgen und Dankeschön, @misan 🙂
Wegen der trüben Stimmung sind die Farben nicht so richtig durchgekommen, aber man erkennt trotzdem, dass Herbst ist, glaube ich 😉
Danke auch für den invest-vote - von mir gibt's dafür ein !BEER ;)

Ich finde die Stimmung kommt trotzdem sehr gut rüber.
Und “ehrliche“ Fotos sagen mir persönlich mehr zu als so überbearbeitete Kunstwerke die man ja oft sieht.
Apropos, mit was bearbeitest du deine Fotos eigentlich?
Grüße und danke fürs Bierchen.

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🙂 Danke 🙂
Ich fotografiere in RAW und importiere dann in Adobe Lightroom, wo ich die erste Bearbeitung vornehme. Fertig bearbeite ich dann in Photoshop und exportiere als JPEG.

... und ein !BEER gibt's bei mir immer dazu 😉

Profimäßig 👍

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Das !BEER ? lol 😉
Ich danke dir und wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag 🙂

@misan denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient

Peaceful view

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Thank you very much for your comment and that you like my photos, @shuvo35, I appreciate it 🙂

Another gorgeous post sir johannpiber! Hey, did you see my post about the rock balancing sulptures? They are similar to cairns.

Thank you so much, @janton 🙂
Yes, I have seen it, but these are so different from the ones on my photos, because the ones you showed are more art or kind of Zen in my eyes, what means, they are great 🙂


That's true, both are very interesting but the cairns there should last longer!

Yes, the might last until someone "cleans up" or the snow comes in Wintertime ;)
But yours are really artwork.


So people actually goes around every so often and takes down all the cairns?

Honestly, I don't know - all I know is, that when I have been there a few weeks ago I have literally seen hundreds of them.


I see. I guess it could be an individual just being ornery or mean destroying them. People are idiots basically. lol.

Most people are stupid idiots - I completely agree, @janton 🙂


Sehr sehr schöne Bilder. Sehr mystisch :)

Ich danke dir vielmals für die netten Wort, @zeichenderzeit 🙂


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Thank you very much 🙂

Awesome photography with cairns and Autumn colors.

Thank you very much for your nice comment, @kamrunnahar, I appreciate it 🙂