Sunrise in Spain

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I've always been fascinated by the flow of time and how differently and subjectively we all perceive the concept of it. Who among us have not, at one point or another, looked at a watch and exclaimed "It's only been an hour?!?", when it felt more like six. Or at the other end of the spectrum, "Where the hell did this day go?".

Imagine a day when you have nothing to do but to wait for something in particular to happen. Recently for me, it has been the intolerable waiting for delivery guys - either picking something up or dropping something off. You can't really go anywhere, because there is a four-hour window (at least) when they say they will show up. The laundry is done, dinner is prepared, the bills are all taken care of, so you just sit around and wait. And time goes so slowly that you can almost hear it, looking at the watch every ten minutes. Of course, in the end, that delivery guy never shows up...

One the other hand, it could be a day when you really do have something to do. All day. When you seemingly run from one task to the next and always feel just a little bit behind. Late for work, dry-cleaning needs picking up, gotta remember to buy groceries for dinner, and why on earth didn't I pay my internet bill yesterday?

It could be a day which feels like the longest and most boring day of your life, while for the person next to you, the day went past in five minutes. Which brings me to the footage I want to share today.

Time-lapse photography is a familiar concept for many, so I won't go into the techniques involved, but simply share a sequence I shot a few months ago. I woke up really early, had a cup of coffee and a smoke (don't judge) on the top balcony, and there was this very dramatic cover of clouds up above. I couldn't really tell if it was moving all that much or not, so I thought, "Let's just set up the camera and see how it turns out".

In my opinion, not too shabby. I do apologise for the flickering, my GoPro is on its last leg, so it doesn't handle low-light situations very well anymore. I think I dropped it one too many times... But I digress.

Here's the time-lapse video I made from the photos. Please enjoy, and do feel free to leave a comment below, for any reason.

Until next time, I hope you have a great rest-of-your-day, wherever and whenever you are.

Source notes:
Pictures/designs/photographs/etc. in this post which do not have a source stated, are by me. Photos "taken" with a GoPro at 1 photo/second, video rendered at 30fps. Music from the YouTube Audio Library, the aptly titled "Digital Memories" by Unicorn Heads. Video is unlisted until the seven-day window has closed.

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Like if we think, a light-year is same for light like a year for us, just a dumb thought. Nice time lapse.

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