Cinta Costera @ Panama

in photography •  5 months ago

Sorry guys, I've been terribly busy with work and the recent downtrend in crypto hasn't helped my spirits much. But life goes on and so does the pictures! Today I have another one of my favorites. Welcome to "La Cinta Costera" here in Panama! I was out and about, and I visited a friend at the Ph Yoo & Arts. While taking a little walk around the building we checked out the gym and saw this amazing view from it! Unfortunately, on the far sides we have some concrete walls and a bit of the ceiling blocking this gorgeous view, but the rest is just breathtaking. So, let me tell you a little bit more about the Cinta Costera. A few years back the ocean came all the way almost to the buildings and traffic was a nightmare. So, the government decided to fill the bay a little bit, add more lanes, throw in some green areas and at the far end there is a walking / biking trail! Now, the nice thing is that although the Cinta Costera starts here (far left side before you get to those buildings), it goes to the right on and on, gets to Casco Viejo and keeps going all the way to the Maracaná stadium! We are talking about roughly 8.5km one way of a biking trail going right by the water! You can also ride your bike from here to Casco Viejo where you can enjoy some delicious food and do some sightseeing. Obviously, it is hot and humid outside most of the year, so most people enjoy it in the early morning or late evening.

Now, I really like this picture because of all the different colors and elements that come into play. On the far right you have the Hilton Hotel that as you can tell, it was some interesting golden glass windows that make it a unique site here in Panama. Moving along you can see Punta Paitilla with several sky scrapers. You can see it, but further back is the trump tower and some new constructions that are going to be part of some man-made islands... mini Dubai, lol. Then we have the beautiful green and lush Cinta Costera. This picture was taken after a few days of rain so those deep colors of green you don't get all the time. Just a perfect contrast to the roads and concrete of the city. And of course, the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Just a great combination of blue, waves and clouds. Now moving along to the right, we have the Yacht Club. This is a small one but the closest to downtown. It features a helipad and a little marina. For some reason, it seems not that many people use it. Probably because we have high and low tide twice a day... when it is low tide there is basically no water there, so you can't come in or out. And that's it! Further down we have Casco Viejo and then we have the causeway that goes into the Amador islands that you see at the end... but I'll save that for a later picture/post. Hope you enjoyed it and come check out the Cinta Costera someday! Here is the original photography... had to crop it a little and did some touches. I think it was all for the best ^^

If you want to see the full size picture, picture details like aperture, camera, focal length, shutter speed or other pictures I’ve taken, you can go ahead and click the image which will take you to my website!

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nice post

This view is awesome!!!
It is nice to to have you back.

I stumbled on your username and I was like "oh wow this looks like my name, what a coincidence"


Looks like a decent enough place to be busy.


Not a bad place indeed


Definitively easier to the eye than where I am living.

We could switch, you know? You can take my free time and use it to do your Steemit things while I go through your chores in that beautiful area of yours.

I promise, that I will try to not slack too much. Only a little...

Really nice photography post! My friend have created awesome Steemit t-shirt and I want to share it with our amazing community! More detailed pictures here:
front (7).jpg

Hello! It's the first time I've commented on a post and I captured the image you took of Panama. It really seems like a very nice place to walk and live. I live in Venezuela, it is also a country that has many beautiful areas, scenarios and beautiful landscapes. If you can one day, take the time to look for images related to Venezuela and its physical space. But anyway here I leave you a very nice photo that remembers the colors of the flag


I see what you mean by Little Dubai. It's a combination of everything awesome. And those Tall buildings next to the sea add value and the wow effect. It really is beautiful. I like how green the garden is too. Everything looks in place and neat. I would not mind vacationing there.


yup, and it also has a little Miami flare. Unfortunately it is very small country so it still is far off from cities like Dubai and Miami. Still nice and cozy, with great weather.

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Very nice post.


And of course, the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Just a great combination of blue, waves and clouds.

Was driving on Cinta Costera las week while visiting Panama City. :) Cool pic!

good placs