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This is my entry into the Black and White Photography Contest- Week 17 hosted by @axeman.


My entry this week is from a morning of playing around with my macro lens. I'd not used it very much and was forcing myself to do so. I knew I wanted to try and find some spent dandelions but really there is only so many photos you can take of a dandelion. It wasn't until I picked one from the paddock and started playing with natural light that I began looking at it from different angels... so here it is looking from behind.


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Looks very interesting with such great contrast, but still all details preserved

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Thanks @axeman, I was pretty happy with it for something different.

Excellent macro shot. Your photographic composition renders it an abstract artwork.

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Thank you for your kind words!
Cheers, I appreciate that.

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Cheers, thank you!!

Amazing photo! Well done!

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Thank you kindly!

I like this contest