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RE: Have you ever seen a round house?

in #photography3 years ago


I must say I love that last shot of the mountains. Wow!

Anyway, back to your post. I was intrigued by the title because over here in South Africa round houses are also something you see a lot. There are actually resorts that let you stay in these "Rondavels". It never actually dawned on me that this would be something strange to someone somewhere else in the world. lol :)

But, yeah, they are common over here also and some of them look pretty snazzy, I must say. usually they have a thatch roof and most of the time they do not have ceiling boards as the timber used to build the roof is part of the decor of the house.

Check out these pictures


Oh, I will check your picture and I never actually dawned that something strange for me is common for some people in the world.

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