The Viewfinder — CALL FOR ENTRIES for Volume II — ReSteem for 1SBD!

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The Viewfinder Steemzine is a spontaneously published ezine available exclusively on In these volumes we will highlight the work of some of the best photographers and writers currently using the platform. Volume I was released on September 21st, 2016. Due to low submissions, there was never a Volume II until (hopefully!) now. There are now more users here on Steemit, especially interacting within the photography tag.


Volume II — Black & White

I am looking for high quality photographs and writing for a one time publishing in this ezine. The photos can be of anything, in any style. The writing should be either a Behind-The-Scenes of a photo or a shoot that you were involved in, or tutorials, DIY, gear reviews, etc. You can submit by sending an email to [email protected], please include your username in the email. Alternatively, you can message me on

Have a look at Volume I

The images must not have been published on Steemit before, and of course they must be yours. By submitting these images you confirm that you own all copyrights associated with the images and consent for me to post them from my account for the agreed upon compensation below.

Payments (based on SD rewards) for this volume will be:

Photographs: 10% x4
Writing: 15% x3
Behind The Photo: 15%
Editor: 0% (SP Only)

The content of Volume II will be reflected by the amount of submissions received. I reserve the right to postpone the volume if the submissions are not adequate.

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Resteem ,and I like your way to indruduce to this. much respect , I definetily will mu best b/w picture , cheers 🙂

Nice, going to dig out some of my picture then. Resteemed.

Is there any size restriction for the photo?

1000px wide 72dpi would be perfect

Wow steemzine is an awesome project i wasn't around for volume one and don't blog on photography but i have Friends here who do i will share with them this post. I have also resteemed hope the offer still stands


I RESTEEMed this post as I think this is a very good idea. I can see there are many discussion about how to put Crypto Currency in real life application, and having a magazine backed by Steem dollar seems to be an excellent idea (hope that I didn't get the idea wrong).
I am no expert in all technical knowledges of Crypto but supporting ideas like this one, I can still apply my little resources.

Question: from volume I, all the articles are related to photography. So I am expecting articles needed for volume II are also the same, is this correct? Or can I submit something totally not related to photography?

For all I know i never got a dime from Facebook, even I posted the most beautiful stuff....

Yes, as of right now The Viewfinder is a photography zine, but a general crypto related zine might work out if somebody wants to action it!


(But don't feel like you need to send me a dollar!)

Thank you for the SBD!!

Thank you for resteeming :)

Resteemed and a huge vote up :)

This sounds cool, and like something i want to participate in. ReSteemed!!

This is an excellent initiative . Resteemed
Sendimg you my entry now :)

Interesting...... Resteemed.

Good idea. Resteemed.

Upvoted, resteemed, followed & DPSed @jamtaylor! Just look at the end of page at the Daily Photo Selection from June 12th.

Thank you!

You're doing a great job, I'm finding new people to follow.

Resteemed :) I have an excellent black and white photo that I am going to send to you. Do you have any requirements regarding the size of the image?

I post my images at 900px wide because the current layout is less than 900px and it makes for fast loading / low bandwidth especially if there's a lot of images in the post. So I think around 1000px @ 72dpi would be good.

Thanks, I will send it over tomorrow.


upvote and resteem for you....

I am photographer, and have lot of B&W photos not published in any place.
Wrote to your email.

Good initiative, resteemed and upvoted!

Upvoted & resteemed. Excellent stuff @jamtaylor.

Cool. :)
Good initiative

Nice initiative @jamtaylor! upvote, resteem and followed :)

Wow nice event. Reesteemed, upvote and follow you

I have a lot of photos that i haven't posted on Steemit or anywhere else. I will send those to you. Also Resteemed :)

mail sent!

What a comeback!
resteemed! :)

Nice, it's a good cause :)

That's cool, having an ezine here on stemmit!! =), resteemed, I hope we will see Soon regularly volumes... ;-)

Great work! Thanks for pleasure!

Resteemed, also upvote and follow, look forward to Steemnize!

Thank you for the reward. Wish for the success!!

Resteemed. Great idea!

Seems like a really good idea my friend! Ive seen some fantastic photographers on thr site and sure thrre will be lots of interest. Good luck!

Resteemed. Sounds fun!

very pleased by your article. thank you dear.

resteemed, good luck sending message.

Excuse me, I don't understand what you mean by "behind the photo", could you please explain or clarify how its different from the "writing" portion?

So what I mean is a little background on how a shot was composed, or about the photoshoot itself. What went in to creating the photograph. It's not really different to the other writing but I want it to specifically be showing how the photograph was made. The author of that gets the same % as the other writers :) but those other things could be listicles, gear reviews and that sort of thing.

Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to clarify that for me. :D




thanks for your donation to my wallet jam,i have followed you.

Resteemed good initiative :)

Really cool, upvoted and resteemed


I have tons of photographs, but my writing is that of a 5 year old. Sounds like this requires both skills? Upvoted and resteemed. Sample of my work below

That's pretty cool. I'd like to try some infrared stuff some time.

The writing needs to be a bit better than a 5 year old, but I suggest you give it a shot, submit it, and see what happens :) Tell us about some experiences on a photo shoot, or interviewing an old photographer. That stuff is also applicable!

Thanks, infrared is alot of fun and so much easier then the old days of film. I may submit something and step it up to a ten year old!

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you for helping out the photo community here at steemit.

Thanks for being part of it!

Interesting initiative, 📷 Upvoted & Resteemed 📷

Resteemed! And thats a great idea. Thanks for this!

resteemed and I will definitely submit some of my work! Thanks for putting this together. I feel that this will become something really special.

I hope so, we will see!

It's great to see the literary industry blooming in the blockchain! Props to all those crypto-writers out there.

Resteemed !

guess i might be too late, but it always great to help promoting for steemit. resteem :)

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the The Viewfinder Steemzine description on wiki article Steem Ecosystem: S-Z. Thanks and good luck again!

Well thanks!

@steemito, te podria interesar.

Done brother

This is gonna be epic!




Woohoo! I'm in. How do we get these images to you?

Send an email to [email protected] along with your username :)

upvoted and resteemed ;)

Thanks for putting this out... upvoted and resteemed! ;)

Hey dude, no SBD needed. I was wondering when the next one was coming back around. I have a tutorial that I was working on. I'll submit it to you for your review. Cheers.

Great sounds good, don't send to the same email as last time because I lost the password! Send to [email protected]

I lose passwords all the time too : ) . Let me try to work it out and see it is worthy for submission. Good luck to you for this next issue. I'm sure it will be a big hit, especially for all the newbies.

I hope so!

This is interesting. WIll be looking forward to see the winning pictures! Resteemed +1

Upvoted, resteemed and followed - interesting idea, thanks for posting ! :) @chris.bonnie this should interest you ?? :)

interesting. resteemed. Cheers!!!!!!

Very cool! I have some new photos posted if you'd like to check them out

Resteemed. Not much of a photographer myself, but could see your idea inspiring more collaborative steemzines in different areas like poetry, fiction etc

Resteemed and up it
In B&W i'm must win :)

Just sent you an E-mail! Great initiative.

resteem @jamtaylor:)

Great ..looking forward

Resteemed. I love the photography on Steemit.

Can't wait to submit!

Also, @foxkoit do you know about this? you should submit something!


Really nice initiative, I will send you something :-)

"Great Post!"
Be awesome steem on!

Resteemed and submitted photos!

who are the best portrait photographers on Steemit??????????

Who do you think they are?

I believe since Steemit is now more popular so too will this ezine grow. I'm neither a writer or photographer by any sense of the imagination but I like your idea!

I've only posted two items that I might deem worthy of being published as a short story...if it helps you with some content by all means feel free to use them... Resteemed

follow mithrilweed.png

Thanks for reaching out. At this time I'm looking for writing on photography, but these could include experiences while on photoshoots, working with 'celebrity' photographers, and that sort of thing.

Thank you for the 1sbd in exchange for resteeming this post! It is a very good idea and something I was happy to do!

Hope your day is going well @jamtaylor!

upvoted, resteemed, followed.