Little Garden Critters — Stink Bug

in photography •  last year


We call them 'peechinks' here...

They are your everyday garden variety stink bug..When threatened or spooked they give off a scent that's really hard to describe... except by saying it's stinky.


I caught this one hanging out on a leaf while I was out in the garden.


Bonus Friendly Snail


These images were captured with a Canon SL1 and a 100mm Macro lens.


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So cool @jamtaylor

I am damn sure he's not cute! Its just the pictures that are making him look cool and cute :D !

Awwww I don't usually like insects but this guy is CUTE! Does he stink though?


They're notoriously stinky, so they have the official name Stink Bug

Friendly Snail is so cute!

Really cool photos)

It seems the green insects is posing and smiling)))

Fantastic photos

Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us

wow really good macro shots ;) thanks for sharing with us :)

I was so lucky to catch some of them on photos and never had the "pleasure" to smell them.
Do the green ones smell different than the brown ones? :p

Love the bonus photo!


I don't recall having smelt a brown one, so far :)


I will not wish you to experience that :)

But then again, for science purposes....

Nice photos.
I liked the bonus photo with a friendly snail

Wish i could actually see something like this in my country , BUT NO CAUSE THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO DESTROY ALL THE TREES TO BUILD GODDAM BUILDINGS

Very pretty! The depth of field is very to handle with a focal also open in macro. Good job!

Awww your being mean to him! He's not stinky he's cute!


He's soooo stinky :)

Talented shot and using nice camera @jamtaylor

Nice closeups!
Wonder if you can get even more closer and take some shots of their eyes ?


Could put on the 2x magnification filter and get that close but I was worried of scaring it off.

Great shots! Buggies always sneak away on me.

I just posted some street photography I think ya might like! Would love your feedback too. If ya get a chance :)

Wow really great pics upvoted and followed.

they can be very shy indeed we have them here in all kinds of collors brown , green and orange, where the orange ones are the hardest to photograph .

Have followed your - your photography is excellent

The texture on his head!! I love macro shots like this... It reminds you that there's such a fascinating little world just under our noses that we sometimes forget to bother looking for.

Is this a prime lens that you're using? I have a 50mm that isn't really for macros, and a 100-300 with a macro setting, but I find both a little fussy when I'm shooting wide open at something close up. I do mostly landscape and portrait work, but I'm wondering if it might not be worth it to get a dedicated macro lens, just to be better prepared for the little things.


yeah my lens is a 100mm 2.8 macro. It might be worth getting a dedicated lens but your 100-300 should work pretty well, no?


in some cases, yes, it does. But it's this antique old Sigma that I'm weirdly attached to — heavy, big problem with backfocusing and it slowly hunts a lot. If I wanted to capture something with movement, freeze a moment: a bug's wings, a dynamic water droplet... I don't know that I'd get the shot I wanted. I just keep looking at people doing really beautiful macro work and I get itchy that I should buy better gear, even though it's not really my area of expertise!

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great post

Hmm... like cute animal to touch

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