Barbados Green Lizard Portraits! (4 pics inside)

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

The aptly named 'Barbados Green Lizard'

Took these photos today while playing with my new macro lens. All of these lizards were fairly skittish, and distrusting of big lenses pointed at their little heads. But I think I got away with a couple. All with natural evening lighting.

These are wild lizards. Most of the ones I approached skittered away before I could snap em, but these four stood still long enough.

Lightly edited with Nik Colour Efex





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Great photos! Your new lens must be your favourite toy right now :)

Really nice shots, I love photos like this! Upvoted and followed. Im happy about your visit at my blog and your upvote at my articles too:

I looove lizards !! I was so close to buy one , but had to say no due to cats! :(

Thanks for sharing this, @jamtaylor! Macro is my favorite genre of photography. It seems to me that the macro gives an inexplicable feeling of tranquility. Like the whole world stops :)

Are these your lizards or just happen to see some?

Oh these are wild lizards, there are loads of them around here. I couldn't get close enough to most of them.

I just looked at them again. They really are stunning.

Very cool colours on those little guys. I love macro photography myself. Its a different world down there. Just like to say a quick kudos to you @Jamtaylor for the #steemitphotochallenge . More photography and other arts is whats needed on Steemit.
Cheers Mick. @daycrypter

wow! great shots!

Great photos mate great photos:)

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