healing window

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This is window of office where i do coin trading. when trading go shit , i open the window let fresh air comes and watch out side. my eyes get dry watching screen for hours. I need rest but trading keep going on


This is serious! You room needs some additional improvement for the mind and eyes to relax! Green plants! Or else, you need a small or medium size forest outside your window!

Last year, I decided to plant some trees in my neighbour's land next to my window, facing south. I hope that the trees will grow tall one day and give me the green shade and scented flowers too.
My gardener thought I was crazy but we sneaked into the land next door and did the planting. Now those threes are about two meters tall!! My wish is coming true, very slowly.

Sorry I am not at all technical and still haven't figured out how to buy some Litecoins or small fraction of bitcoin. I promise myself I will do this before Christmas.

I am a bit psychic, from time to time. Cryptocurrency will be very essential for the poor people to keep their wealth from the authority.

Wishing you all the best and lots of good luck and success in your career.
Many thanks for the big, surprising support!
Much appreciated.

wow thanks for long reply

Hi! My guardian angel, @ jackkang. Thank you very much for your kindness which is beyond my expectation and I feel that I don't really deserve this much!

At first, I was afraid you would be bored by the long reply. But I guess you were quite bored with the computer monitor,I had better give you a diversion!

I am glad that you were entertained and amused! I am just trying to return some 'work' for the big reward you bestowed upon me so generously. Please don't feel obliged to give me any more. I have to earn it too!

Actually, now that I have quietly looked at your window! I like this healing window very much. The first impression was that of a zen monastery, the meditation hall. It is spacious and calm and quiet, uncluttered for the eyes and mind. Please keep your healing window this way. The changing seasons will change the scenery outside your window. That's natural.

The soft pink colour of those building is very gentle to the eyes and the blue colour on the roof nicely contrasts with the pink and deep colour of the roof. The architects did give a good shot at making otherwise ordinary buildings some soft emotions via those colours.

I just enjoy talking to you as I could feel that you are a very kind and generous person with lots of good wishes for the underprivileged. Well, this is my way of giving back little some thing to you.

It has been an honor to have received your support and kindness.
I remain forever grateful to you and wishing you all the best of everything.

Yours faithfully.

you have to do some pause each 2 hours for your eyes relax, I recomend go to the bed and close eyes for 5 min-10 min then go back to work.

A very interesting picture, let alone a room that can enter fresh air, and the beauty of the window through out there many buildings full of color. look once for us will feel comfortable sitting long by the window...👍😁🏣

I agree with what you've said, it's a very beautiful looking picture. I @gigehsteem Very fond of posting a picture @jackkang.

Thank you so much for your great kindness and support on my blog @jackkang..
Followed you and cheers..

Hey man! YOu need to put a flower in the wealth corner #fengshui
ALso, thank you for your upvote! followed

Let it go! Let it go!!!

very very nice room this one, I feel like I want to make a room in my house like this. because it looks beauty and beauty with clean. will I be able to make a room with the state of me now living a limited life ... !! 😂😂😂😂

good night @jackkang. best regards @simarhaban. I am very happy to see this post is so interesting for my person, to me something really the same picture. what else is good with fresh air conditions that can feel.👏👏👏👍

Memang terkadang
Saat kita membutuhkan inspirasi
Kita harus menghirup udara yang segar
Seperti yang di lakukan @jackkang
Saya rasa patut di contoh teman

wow such an amazing place to work. nicely captured :) keep the good work up @jackkang

Nice post @jackkang ! I upvoted & gollow you you. Can you check my blog posts thanks for your interactions
regards the king

enough to make sense of comfort in the room is as beautiful as this. especially if standing at a window that can enjoy the beauty of the Building out there.

I think it's very Lucky Place for you.

Nice...upvote and follow me, thaks

I need rest but trading keep going on.. 이라는 표현 멋지네요.

별말씀요 ㅋㅋ

i saw this post because i liked this post

Hopefully will fresh air through that window. Good luck always for you @jackkang.

Thank you for sharing @ jackkang, being in the room for a long time is already like this atmosphere, but relax in a room that looks quite comfortable, is the open window atmosphere.

So with prices of SBD now, the same view feel better.

Great a photography, if you vote me 100% i will share always you post, promise

For a second I thought the buildings were with Chinese architecture ، :))

thank you very much for the vote, I appreciate it very much :) @jackkang

nice view! ;)

Thank you for sharing @jackkang
World class

Beautiful Post

Just nice picture

i followed you will you do the same brother ?????????????

very good post my friend dan thankyou for sharing!

trading is also very necessary, but the rest should also be done because it is very decisive condition of fit tomorrow.

Nice job man! I would like to see you posting more!

oh wow, you have room for your trading business? thats cool!

@jackkang you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

nice view
btw , thank you for upvoting my post =)

Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful window view is! Very color full also.

Tank you and welcome.

sometimes it's a nice relief to take your eyes off the screen and enjoy the view!

best of luck trading @jackkang, thanks for the support!

You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all. Thank you so much for supporting my blog @jackkang .

Nice place to live man

you have really nice office buddy,i like it.

And it is such a nice place to have your trading...am so much happy seeing wonderful people like you around us..thanks for stepping by,you are followed for more amazing post @jackkang

Does your room get dusty from all the construction?

clean everyday it sucks

I only just discovered that I actually can see who leaves me a bigger reward, you were one of them, I thoroughly want to thank you, it is such a surprise to see that, I did not expect that at all. So thank you again very much! Advice in your office, like said, green plants are the best to use, Sansevieria is the biggest oxygen giver. But it is not such a nice plant, even when it is called ladys tonques does not make it better looking ;-) You can also burn essential oil, in your case or rather in that case of sitting in the office and keeping focused, I suggest you, lemon balm and rosemary. From each 3 drops in some water on your heaters, or a special steaming or steeming, lol machine that puffs out drops, you feel better by. Good luck to you.

best regards jackkang from me @ fakriadi, let me follow you.
thank you

Thank You @jackkang 🤝😊

Wow .. Good solution @jackkang, upvote thank's for sharing 👍👍👍

Nice photo....
Thanks for your visit to my blog

thank you for voting

Hi Jackkang, thanks for your support. What a lovely healing window you have! Yes! let that fresh air in! :-)

Nice photography
Good post friend @jackkang

very good post

늘 모니터만 보고 있으면 안되는데 일을 하다보면 중간중간 바람 쐬는게 잘 안되네요.
트레이딩도 좋지만 건강챙기시면서 하시길~^^

healing windows~

strange street :))

Good architectural @jackang

Good creation of window @jackkang

Is that Yoedo in Seoul? Good luck to your trading life..
Followed and voted you!! Have a nice day!

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