Grasshoppers Animals Metamorphosis Not Perfect.

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This time i'll share to you some infoemation about "GRASSHOPPER", I hope with my post it is useful for you guy.

Grasshopper is a herbivorous insect of the suborder of Caelifera in Orthoptera order. This insect has an antenna that is almost always shorter than its body and also has a short ovipositor. The sound generated by some grasshopper species is usually produced by rubbing the rear femur against the front or abdominal wings (called stridulation), or by flapping its wings while flying. The rear femur is generally long and strong which is suitable for jumping.


Grasshoppers will usually sound similar to crickets to attract mates. Grasshoppers can live almost anywhere in the world except the north and south poles. Reproduction Grasshoppers, Reproductive organ of the male locust is called by the name of aedeagus. During the process of reproduction, male locusts will enter spermatophore (a package containing sperm) into the ovipositor of the female locust. The sperm enter the egg through a smooth channel called micropyles. After the egg is fertilized, the female females will implant an egg about 1-2 inches in the soil using an ovipositor at the tip of the stomach. The female locusts will lay eggs every 3-4 days until all the eggs are removed. Female locusts can lay up to hundreds of grains during laying.


eggs grasshoppers Hatch be nymphs, with a view grasshoppers adult mini version without Wings and reproductive organs. nymphs grasshoppers newly hatched usually White, but after exposure to sunlight, color typical they will appear immediately. during growth, nymphs grasshoppers will experience change skin many times (about 4-6 times) to be the grasshopper adult with additional wing functional. lifetime grasshoppers as nymphs is 25-40 days. after passing stage nymphs, takes 14 days for them to be a mature sex. after that their lives only remaining 2-3 weeks, where the rest of the time it is used to reproductive and lay their eggs. total lifetime grasshoppers after hatching is about 2 months (1 month as nymphs, 1 month as the grasshopper adult), and even then if they survive attack Predators. after eggs they generate Hatch, life cycle grasshoppers short will be repeated.

Grasshoppers is animals have metamorphosis not perfect. metamorphosis incomplete is metamorphosis have only 3 phase, the eggs, nymphs, and Imago (adult). in which the physical appearance between nymph and Imago not far different. example other insects experiencing metamorphosis incomplete is leafhoppers, crickets and cockroach.

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That is some gorgeous macro photography, nice job.