Day 5 - Minimalism | 7 Day Black and White Photo Challenge

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In case you wonder what this is - it's an abstract shot of my almost-empty Whirpool fridge. The subject of the photo is a half-full jar of pickles (I eat them with pasta most of the time). Why is it empty? I like to go shopping on a daily basis; I rarely buy more than what I will have for dinner and breakfast. You might think that going to the supermarket every day is a waste of time but the truth is that by doing so, I don't throw food away.


A fridge without beer is like a body without soul

How does your fridge look like? :)

About the challenge
I was nominated by @allyinspirit to participate in @johleen's "7 Day Black and White Photo Challenge", and that was my fifth post.

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Danny Boy

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BRILLIANT images Daniel. I wouldn't have known it was an almost empty fridge. Love it.

I'd be slightly embarrassed to show you my fridge as sometimes I can only go to our organic farmers' market once a fortnight, so have to load it up. I try to use it all ~ But you are right ~ Some things are wasted. Actually nothing is wasted as I have a worm farm.

I have some beer in my fridge too, if you ever run out. 🦋


A worm farm - so cool! This is one of the benefits of living in a house and having a yard :) I never run out of beer 😋
Thank you, Ally!

Depends on the beer... mine is at room-temperature... :-)

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I have heard that good beer tastes better if warmer, so I should perhaps try drinking the next craft brew at room temperature :) Thanks for your comment, upvote and resteem!


Have one :



I laughed when I read

a fridge without beer is like a body without a soul

Sounds like something my son would say. :)

I too don't like a fridge with too much in it - I tend to throw too much away.

I love your shot - very expressive - I like that I can see your beer and some jars of something in the second shot - good thing you still have your soul!


Haha, is he too a beer lover? I think it's cool to be able to peek into the fridge of other people - you may learn quite a few things about them ;)
Glad that you liked my shot and thank you for the comment!