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RE: Patterns and designs in nature - Leaves

in #photography5 years ago

I love nature and texture so this post drew me in straight away. In all honesty I was hoping it was still under $10 so I could send to curie. Thanks for the eye opening post. Ill pay a little more attention this morning on my walk home.


Haha thanks for looking out @insideoutlet.
I haven't posted in a while and am a @sndbox member so curie submissions would definitely be a little risky I think. But it's a lovely compliment nevertheless 😊

This is going to sound unbelievably naive of me but what is @sndbox. There is so many different groups to get your head around and not enough time for them all. 😕

No worries :)
In a nutshell, sndbox is a community of creative and entrepreneurial steemians who are part of an incubator which helps provide rewards and support to all its members.
One of the top 5 best projects on the blockchain IMO. Here is a link to their feed:


Awesome, I've given them a follow so I'm sure I'll learn more about them soon. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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