Best Photo Editor App for Android & iOS

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Hey Guys Alpha-Man is Back here With Another Blog!!

In this blog I will tell you the best Photo Editing App for Android or iOS and it is Completely free..

So There are Hundreds of Photo Editing Apps Available on Play store and on App Store But Not all Apps Does Right Job!

The Photo Editor App Which I am telling You here is Snapseed By Google.


As this app is from Google so it is completely free and also this app has more than 50 Million Downloads and it is amazing.
Once You use this app, you will love it. This app is for beginners and also For Experts, you can do very little if you dont have Knowledge and You Can do a lot if you have knowledge about it..

So I will Suggest You Before Starting this App, watch some videos on youtube about it..

Link for Android =

Link For iOS =

Now let me tell you some features about this app.

There are alot of filter available in this app which will make your photos amazing and stunning
Check out this picture

Look How good these filters are!!

Also there are more 15 Tools available Like Tune images, curves, white balance and many more Which will take your photos to next level


You might be thinking that these are also available in other apps also and what makes it different?

Yes you are right but this app has a badge of Editor's Choice on Play Store Which means this app is great and Once you will us it, you will realize that this app is really good!

This is the Photo that I Edited On this App.
Please have a Look it and Tell me How it is?

Before Editing This Image


After Editing This Image


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Thumbnail Image Source
All other images are taken from my mobile Phone.


Thanks for telling i will surely use this app ...btw i just upvoted

Thanks Alot :)

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