Steemitphotochallenge #11 Three Entries: SOHO | CPW | Rooftop

in photography •  2 years ago

Hello Steemers

This is an exciting photo challenge -- who doesn't love Glamour and Fashion. A big thanks to @jamtaylor for creating this forum for all the artists here on Steemit. Thanks also to @nicoledphoto for her role as guest judge. And, good luck to the participants.

Here are my three submissions for Photochallenge # 11

Entry #1 - SOHO

Entry #2 - CPW

Entry # 2 - Rooftop

I hope you like my entries!

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These are stunning. No. 1 is my favourite - it is just outstanding:)


Thank you -- that means a lot coming from you :D


You are too kind:)

Very good pix. I especially like #1.


Thank you! :D

Definitely liking your No. 1 Good job!


Thanks very much! :D

I saw your note on my FB post and then I came to your page and here you are again. I already upvoted your post as I think your photography is awesome. Thanks for sharing this fun opportunity with me.


Likewise, I had such fun going through your images -- it was as if I was there and that's an awesome experience!


Agreed! I can feel the same coming through your pics as I can tell you have a love for what you do. Thanks for sharing yourself.!

The girl on the steps. That photo is amazing. One of my faves this week for sure.


Thank you very much!

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The entry #1 is the best! It's catch an attention. Congratulation!


Thanks very much! :D