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Hello everyone!

And again we return back to the second shoot of Rosa, which was held at the stage of qualifying assignments. This stage was the last and after it had to recruit the main lineup for the season. Here we took the 9th place, so I calculated the average points of the participants and realized that we go through in any way, because were (if I do not confuse) about 4 places.

With the task came a funny situation. It was very much like DAS "Dark Queen", which I shot with Natasha. There I did a "floral" image for which I made a collar and hairpins. Here, too, it was necessary to create a gothic gloomy image, but with the already mandatory use of colors. And I decided not to copy Natashin, but to do something relatively new (although I used the same hairpins).

An interesting needlework element was a star-shaped hairpin. In general, this style is now quite common and popular, so several other participants had such decoration, although ours was different. Also, translation tattoos with roses on the neck and arm were added (though on their hand they were almost invisible).

For shooting we chose the territory of a local sanatorium, which is usually popular for wedding shootings in warmer periods. As always, we gathered for a long time and arrived at the place at the end of the sunset. The sun was already setting, and we were so pleased to be photographed in a stone fountain, that when we got out it was already dark. It was necessary to twist iso, but with the new camera it was not so scary :) By the way, when I was there last time and noticed a couple of places, I noticed one big white fountain, strewn with leaves. I got a great idea for a photo! I wanted to do at least an example on this shoot, but ... the fountain was covered with earth and turned into a flower bed = /

And finally, if anyone will be interested ... a couple of my favorite photos from this session in color. But black and white still look great anyway :)

Thank you for attention!


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First of all, your model is really beautiful. Second, all these pictures are killing! Great shots! My favorite one is definitely the fourth one though, it seems she's a deadly queen walking towards her throne. I loved it! Thanks for sharing this!

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Loved the pictures with colors. beautiful.

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