Great photos the 4th one has some amazing colors!

Thank you .

What an amazing place. Beautiful shots!

Feel free to save the pictures and use as a background for computer,or a screen saver . You really get to see the quality of it on a tv, if your computers hooked up to it.
I rather people enjoy my photos soo feel free all.

sorry to interrupt but I think you should join the #steemitphotochallenge.
Unfortunately, I think you cannot use these great pictures already because this time the require unpublished photos. I'm sure you should have some good ones.

I was thinking the same thing!

Do I just add that as the tag? Or in the title. I tried once but noticed other people getting told to remove the photo challenge tag . I do have many pictures. That I would refuse to post on Facebook My Nikon is new so some are from my Fuji point & shoot .

No, you have to specifically may a post for the entry.
See some of other people's as example or one of mine but I warn you I won nothing so far. :-)
Here's the link for the theme annoucement and you see the rules there as well:

BC rocks, haven't been there for many years. getting outside the city and seeing the awesomeness of the ancient wilderness there is something everyone should add to the bucket list. great pics!

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