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A giant turtle in the Seychelles

1tor 1.jpg
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CameraNikon D750
LensAF-S Nikkor 24 -120mm, F / 4 G ED VR
Settings@ 40mm, ISO 100, 1 / 80s, f / 4

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Absolutely awesome. I love turtles. About 20 years ago, my wife and I inherited a desert turtle. According to the vet he's between 45-55 years old at this point. And, may live to 80 or 100 or even longer since he is in a protected environment.

Because of our climate, he goes into hibernation in October/November and usually comes out in late January or early February. This year, he awoke in December for 2 days and then went back to his den. He just came out yesterday, March 17. A long siesta for sure.

Here are a couple of pictures. This first one is where we put him in warm water so that he can drink and warm up.

Photograph by Guy Sellars - Turtle Bathing.jpg

This second one is where we are feeding him, just a little at first.

Photography by Guy Sellars - Turtle Eating.jpg

It always takes him a few days to get active. But when he is fully warmed up, he moves pretty fast.

Its been a long time since we weighted him, but he's probably between 20 and 25 lbs. A side note, my neighbor, about 5 houses up the street, had several large turtles. One was about 100 lbs. I know, but he/she got out one day and came for a visit. We had a hard time getting him back.

Thanks for sharing @hvr.

Thank you @guysellars for sharing the history and pictures of your turtle. With the very good care you are giving him he might well live to be 100! They are fascinating animals and lots of fun to watch. The species in my photo originates from Madagascar but was brought to the Seychelles by pirates where they are being kept in enclosures. They can indeed move quite fast despite their enormous size and weight. Wishing you lots of joy with your turtle...

Nice turtle! When I was small, I had 2 small turtles. They were smaller then my hand. But yours is really giant

That was a nice story - thanks

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WOW, huge turtle. . . .I posted a couple of turtles today too

So today it is turtle days...

sisa mano

Thanks @juan525rdj !

I will name him Ted, Ted the Turtle.

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Why not, Ted sounds like an appropriate name!

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Thanks @steemitboard.

I love turtles!!! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @samsorryscott !

That is really wonderful , climate change has really is a serious issue.

Yes it is a great worry that such beautiful creatures are now being endangered.

Thats awesome !! you were feeding a turtle ... soo cute .. thats an upvote and i will follow you blog .. pls show us more ;)

Thank you, it was a great experience to get so close to this huge turtle, so eagerly accepting food from me.

beautiful photo, it looks like a drawing

Thank you @cajalias7, I’m glad you liked my photo !

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Thanks @arcange!

Cool! Hope to see one someday too <3

Hope so for you @kacec !

Beautiful animal. Too bad some people don't care about them, and throw plastic in the ocean...

Yes, we absolutely need to change our behavior to protect them...

The photos looks great @hvr

Thank you @chara92 !

Oww nice.

Thanks @nayonboss !

Very cute...
I think almost twi years before my neighbour found a small imjured turtle on the town roadside. But as they were both working,nobody was there to take care, so they give it to my mom.
We were so happy... I brought some food from market by my another friend's advice which is also an animal lover.
Then after two days he was getting more weak as we do not understood the reason my mom thought it was because of its pain as she know ayurveda she come up with ayurvedik lep and applied on the affected area and after seven days he was totally ok...
Yeah finally we did it..
But we need to leave him as it is not good to restrict his boundries so I let him swim free to his own world..and left him in a river...
From the day we missed him really badly...but no option left...

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You made a good choice giving him his liberty so could return to his natural habitat. If everyone did the same there would not be so many unhappy animals.

Yes, my mom tought me that. We belive we should not do this to any of the animals in the world existing. I am fond of colourfull birds but as i grow up i realised there is no love if we restrict them in our home and not enjoy their freedom as they are also living beings...pure love and care is to let them free and live to their own life...
I wish everyone do the same...

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Nice picture.... Follow me please And like me


They are so amazing!
I wish I could go there too one day and take a picture with them =) and I also hope that our enviroment won't be polluted too much and they will exist even longer they've existed on Earth.
Thank you for sharing and good luck!

Thank you for your comment. Hope your wish will come true one day.

Its been a long time since we weighted him, but he's probably between 20 and 25 lbs. A side note, my neighbor, about 5 houses up the street, had several large turtles. One was about 100 lbs. I know, but he/she got out one day and came for a visit. We had a hard time getting him back.

Thanks for your comment.