What do you think about my make up?

in photography •  last year 


I think I look like a fortune teller here! Hahaha you think I have what it takes to be a make up artist? Haha I really dont have talent when it comes to putting make up on, its actually a mobile application i have downloaded on apple store! Try to download it, It is called "Make up plus" It is FREE.

Try it now!

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You always look good in whatever pics you post here! Yes you do look like a fortune teller in this pic. :)

Hi sir @kenny-crane, I thank again for supporting us by appreciating others posts. I've already one month old in this platform. So, to celebrate this one month Anniversary, last night I wrote an article about what I've already get on this social media. And there I mentioned you as one of the steemian who inspired me and others to keep supporting each other.
You can check the writing in this link below, or just simply visit my blog. Keep motivating us sir, and will be waiting to read your own post someday. Thank you.

One Month Anniversary on Steemit. What Did I get?

Well thank you I can predict steem price on june willbe at $20

too flashy

Hahaha 😉

Do not worry