Night Stalking - Part I

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I am a wannabe photographer and I want to try other genres of photography as well besides just doing fine art self-portraits. I wanted to do it before but when my camera was dropped by an idiot in 2014, I have been having a hard time taking shots in an uncontrolled environment.

Yeah of course I sent my camera to a technician but all they did was made me look like an idiot and insisted my camera was fine and that there's nothing wrong with it even though I know for myself it is pretty much messed up. There was no Nikon service center before here either so I just stopped trying. :p

I could take shots of still objects like buildings and stuff but taking pictures of moving objects is a pain in the ass because of the messed up viewfinder and a fucked up lens, thus, making it hard to focus.

The other night though, I decided to just fuck it and brought my camera with me. I could never find the courage to point my camera towards people but I just did lol. I did take shots mostly of weird stuff though and fewer people, but it's a good start. I guess.


If you have noticed in my old posts, this "push button" is becoming my favorite subject. xD




Chicas waiting to cross the road while having their daily gossip.


The same chicas in the other side.




A guy who just came out from the gym. Well of course I know where he came from. This post wouldn't be titled "Night Stalking" for no reason.







Glory hole. ^_^



This gives me a creepy vibe.




Lol that lizard.

The black and white + green shadows type of editing gave me a familiar vibe. These look like some of my dreams where I was wandering around the streets. Those dreams where they become nightmares later on because someone would chase me and stuff. Still looking cool to me, though. :D

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I guess it be stalking if I did not at least leave a comment.

Just looks like some fun to me.

True lol :p

That's creepy!

I didn't notice that lizard though. I kept looking at it for maybe 30 seconds before I realized that tiny speck. Not paying attention again. 😂

Haha actually same! I just noticed it after editing LOL

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