Baby, What's Wrong?

in #photography2 years ago

We have an adorable creature in our house called a baby. He's my baby brother. (Yep, I got another one to bully!) He's a whiner but most of the time he just smiles and laughs like an idiot (for an unknown reason lol).

I was asked to babysit one time and brought him to my room to take pics of him lol. He's my new model now.


He started looking around and for an unknown reason, he got terrified. Looks like he got terrified of something. Dunno what he was looking at, probably the teddy bears?


Then he started crying like somebody was being mean to him. Probably because my room is a combination of Cerise and French Rose. Probably cause the room is dark cos I only opened the lamp for dramatic lighting for the pic?


Well, whatever it is, I'll just buy wallpaper for my room so I could take more pics of/with the baby without him crying.

Or I could just call a paranormal expert. If there are ghosts in my room, they should pay the rent. Like.. pay or GTFO idiots. I accept numbers for the lottery as a payment.


I don't know why I'm here!!!! who the hell are these people! :D


hahahahaha!!! that is a very big crisis to face! :D

Maybe you're the ghost. Hehehe.

Nah, he just didn't like the idea of you taking pics of him to make money out of in your blogs.

He wants his cut from your earnings of whatever you will post that includes his likeness. Hehehe.

I'm doing him a favor. I babysit him, so he should pay me. XD

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Baby is super adorable :O What a cuteeeeey pattooteeeyyyy aaaaaaah


Stop scaring babby, hiddi. Pick someone your own size!


(these photos are so guuuuuuuuud) (aaaaaaaaah)

I love this little one!

Hahaha yeah if he grows up he be wondering how the hell from Nigeria knows a lot about him xD