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Hi Steemit Friends,
Group of kids get ready to start the tug of war game, the rope is wrapped around the waist. They are ready to play and win..!

IMG_20181101_184625.jpgNikon D5300 ISO 400 1/1000 second. f/6,3 500mm

This game is one of the ancient cultures typical of China, India and Egypt. In ancient times, this game may only be played by members of the kingdom and may not be played by anyone. This was done because at that time, tug of war was believed to be a race between the sun and the moon, between light and dark.related

Nikon D5300 ISO 200 1/2500 second. f/5 62mm

This game experienced many developments, so that eventually it entered Indonesia through Hindu or Buddhist priests from India. This game eventually became a game that was often contested on the anniversary of Indonesia's independence day.

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Baro lon tupue Myoe Tarek tambang adalah olahraga zaman China kuno, lheuh Nyan Kiba le pendeta Hindu u Indonesia.. trimong geunaseh kameutamah referensi ilmee ttg Tarek tambang.
Mantap bang.

Nyankeuh nyan @muhammadan, tapike olahraga nyan asli Indonesia punya barang, rupa2 nya Impor chit he he

Inan pih leubeh mantap :)

Reminds me of my childhood days,we use to play this game,I thought it was played only India,good to know that it is played in Indonesia as well.

In Indonesia there are also many Indian descendants, even this game is brought by Indians to Indonesia, this is teamwork, the game requires strong energy, I love it :D

There are many children in Latin America who can not play for lack of space, where to do it, as well as for lack of food, children numbed by hunger and this happens all over the world thanks for these photos where the innocent laughter of the masters of the future as our children are

We all in Indonesia expect the best for Latin America and a better future for the children there, Thank you for your appreciation for my work, nice to meet you, friends

@harferry Hola, طبيعية جدا وجيدة الصورة ، وأنا أحب ذلك كثيرا.

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@mukhtarilyas, event yang langka bang @harferri. Bagus

Olahraga jameun he he..
Terimakasih sudah hadir, pak @mukhtarilyas

For children there are many group games, this is perhaps one of the few games that can be made by any group of children who, even if they do not have more resources, will always be able to do so.

This sport only requires a rope and space to play, but the benefits are very good for children, I really agree with your opinion, thank you

I missed this kind of outdoor game as a kid. It was a very popular recreational activity here in the Philippines too. Though no need to get all wrapped up with the rope, the knots are just being used to support each team member's grips used to pull back. Thanks for sharing a great memorable experience.

You're welcome my friend, and right what you say, there is no need for a rope tied around the waist.. Thanks for stopping

Looks nice!!! i would like to say something out of the topics. Kids are innocent, they don't know anything about adults world, they don't know about wars, vengeance, and they don't understand why they lost their family in the war, they are just a plain white paper!!!!!! please do not hurt them and let them have their childhood full of happiness and joyful!!!!!!!! No more child abuse and warfare.

Children are a future asset that we must protect for a better world, our obligation to ensure that they get the best, thanks for your opinion, have a great day.. :)

I like the look of anticipation created from the look on the kids' face and the tension of the moment. Great job on briefly explaining the the game too.

You're welcome, yups, it's a simple and fun game that anyone can play :)

This game is also widely played in Africa. Soldiers play among themselves for show of strength, kids play for fun and much more. But sadly, games like this are slowly fading due to the technological age we've found ourselves in :).

Formerly in China, tug of war was used as a means to train soldiers from the "Chu" country which lasted for 3 centuries, wow, soldiers in your country are still doing it, glad to hear that, friend.

Even though the game is being abandoned because of technology, we hope this Traditional Sport will survive because the benefits are very good for health ... thank's

Nice photography

Nice shots..

@harferri nice picture and thanks for telling, didnt know that. I´ve been to inda once and i can still remember like it has been yesterday how i was playing with those kids soccer on the countryside in the mud xD
Their happy faces ,such an awesome moment! Even their parents were celebrating.
I hope i will one time visit india again =)

This time maybe you can visit Indonesia =), a friendly and beautiful country and the children here also play traditional sports (tug of war) .. nice to meet you

Que bueno se ve eso me hizo recordar mi infancia en Venezuela hay un juego llamado "cadenita" algo parecido a eso una cantidad de niños sujetan sus manos y se estiran hasta una cierta distancia el que se suelte sera el perdedor.

Mantap sekali fotonya gan, sudah saya upvote ya!

It's delightful not just exquisite!

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I will visit your post, but it is not good to attach your post to someone else's comments column, I hope you don't do it with other posts :D

Buen post.
Ayudenme porfa. Saludos

Thanks :D


Really interesting story! 😊

he he Thank you :)

Bereh adun @harferri.
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bereh nyan :D

Being used to it in my early hood. Thanks for sharing.

Mission accomplished. It's exquisite, friend.

wow.. thank you friend

Good photos, I love those kind of photos in which people do not come out posing, they are very natural.

It is a nice picture that you set in black and color.

Interesing .

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