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Keep doing whatever you can and stay us updated, we need massive food drives around the world, if only the people who had all the resources could initiate such drives all over, I don't think anyone would be sleeping hungry


The globalists want 90% of us dead, by their own statements, and they are destroying food in the field so many people will starve.

They would rather rule in hell, than to serve in heaven.


That is sad, if they want to rule they want most of us gone then. I hope they get trapped in their own dirty tactics

They know that globally they can't control that many people, so the solution is obviously the kill 90% of them; then you have a controllable number.

It's kind of ironic that a 250 year old piece of paper is the only thing standing between them and world domination right now. They just can't get around the Second Amendment the US Constitution. It is the only significant threat to them taking over, they must rule over an unarmed population! So they're doing what they can to weaken it, and they're trying to add enough judges to the Supreme Court that they can overrule it. That in itself is not constitutional....

So we find ourselves at an impasse, either they dispose of the Second Amendment and win, or we are forced to dispose of them when they come after us in our homes. I hope that's not the case but I don't see a third option.

Sadly if the US goes down, there'll be nothing left to stop them; and the globalist take over the whole world. We do live in interesting times!


The population is a real threat to the universe overall, and we need to control it because the resources are diminishing and the people are increasing with every day.

This, sadly, also makes the rich thing that they deserve more than the rest and should have all the power to rule others, it's not easy to control so many people so, they would prefer cutting us short and then ruling us, that's what I believe.

But, who knows, if we ever get united we could defeat the evil and live freely in a better world where money and power will not divide the standards.

Technology can solve the shortages we find on food these days. I am moving to aquaponics, because it produces a lot more food in a shorter time with less water. Aquaponics also can be placed in every backyard, so people can grow enough food to take care of themselves. It was originally intended as a closed system in the spacecraft to travel to distant planets.

Learning new things is always important you don't have a rifle, if you can't get one over there; learn hand-to-hand combat, look at the combat methods the SAS has developed!

An unusual weapon would be a staff, get one a little longer than you are tall; and learn how to use it. You can take a stick like that, and do a lot of damage somebody breaks into your home before they realize that you're even armed. I also have half a dozen samurai swords, because I think they're beautiful. I'm not real good with him yet but I have been studying, and they are capable even if I'm not yet. But you can get swords locally, and that would give you an advantage. So within the rules you have locally, get creative; find out what's allowed, and study to be good with it!

I think it's inevitable if you look at history that people will rise up and tell these Petty tyrants no. But I fear it's going to cost a lot of blood on both sides, and I really hope I'm wrong!

So stay safe and give your mom a hug, and try to outthink them!


Yes, if that helps people with food, only if we can produce cheaper food for all the population that we have now or are going to have in the coming years we will really be okay with it no one will have a valid point of eliminating people in the name of numbers.

I will surely look into it, and look into SAS, I don't know why have had no interest in it yet.

yeah, swords won't do much considering the fact how improved the harms they people have but yeah better than having nothing, and on top swords do look good as long as they hanging on the wall. Local rules are a bit strict, you have to get a license to keep an arm and that is a big task.

I really hope we can over this without shedding any blood on either side.

Stay safe and say Hi to her, if I was there I would bring her flowers.

Yes aquaponics produces a lot more food with about 10% of the water. Water is going to become in short supply also, so it's something to stockpile if you can.

The ability to defend oneself is important, learning is important because they can never take from you what you have stored between your left and your right ear!

The swords if they are practiced with and sharp, and be extremely effective! The staff is the stealth weapon, because people will just think it's a walking stick. If you get good with the staff you can do an impressive amount of damage if somebody breaks in.

I'm sorry about the regulations there, it's small people trying to force other people to do what they want! Very seldom is it warranted, and seemingly it never helps....

I pray we could avoid violence, but every day that passes with new restrictions; makes that less likely yeah!

Be safe and prepare for an inevitable collapse!