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RE: MyPictureSunday #11 - G20 Summit (no comment) Part 2

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Starting from the G8 homicide in Genoa a series of violent events took place in different cities during the G8/G20/Gwhearetheimportantcountries,theotherscanjustfollow meetings.
Since these are not "open meetings" where anybody can stand up and express his/her own opinion...
what is the point to continue having them in big cities where regularly cause a lot of injured people, destruction and devastation. uys, wouldn't it be better to meet in isolated places (countryside, islands) to talk about your shitty politics and business? And all the people can gather in a place for manifest peacefully against this shit, without any need to infiltrate police to attack police and destroy everything giving a justification for more police-state control...
you want to stop climate change and you do not have people smart enough to find simple and wise solutions. But maybe smart solutions are not serving the cause?


Maybe they benefit from riots pain suffering murder. That would be one reason they continue to hold meetings in populated areas. Many times riots are instigated by foriegn, paid actors.

I still think holding such meeting away from populated areas would be a better solution, also to avoid "paid actors"...