Chia Oats Breakfast Bowl

in photography •  3 months ago


Let's be honest, real life food never looks "insta-worthy" but that doesn't mean it doesn't taste amazing. Besides, I think we all basically eat with our eyes so when you are gonna share something delicious it's great to make it look that way. Especially seeing as we can't taste each others food.
In this bowl is some blue chia and vanilla protein powder pudding on the left and some cinnamon oats on the right. Berries, cacao nibs, granola, and shredded coconut in the middle and a good ol spoon of PB. I'd say this one falls somewhere in between looking good enough for instagram and looking like real life.

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Mmm this looks yummy ... can you please tell me how many colories this have ???


@krevasilis I don't typically count calories so I can't tell you for sure.

looks good! I love the peanut butter with it, makes it creamy and feels like a real treat.

it looks so tasty and healthy. thanks for sharing

That looks... interesting... :D

I would like to have the part, which is consist of strawberries and berries 😊😊

Oats was a good option for healthy Breakfast .

This one definitely is looking good enough for instagram! But it also has that real life vibe in it, so it makes it even better. :)
I feel this an important subject to address. Beautiful photos of food on instagram may make us feel bad about the food we have on a daily basis, but even if all our dishes don't look "insta-worthy", oh boy how delicious they can be!
Amazing content, as always @gringalicious! :)

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Yummy treat for everyone looks so good thanks for posting :)


@blazing I'm so pleased you like it.😍

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