Growing Aquarium Plants and a Colony of Nano Fish

in photography •  2 months ago 

This is fun hobby I recently picked up and hoped sharing it would brighten someone's day out there. Here is the first month's growth in my beginners tank.

I have lots more to share but wanted to keep this post short and get some practice in before I put more out. Let me know if you see anything cool or want me to identify the plants and animals in the tank. Have a great day!

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Well, I did take about 5 weeks of work and investment just to get this post started. I was hoping to engage in the comments in case people were looking for more information. Believe it or not it took a while to make the animated gif as well, my next few fish keeping post will have more to them now that I'm back in practice though I assure you.

This cumment took me five weaks to right and I invested literally tousands of doollars so I could say this. Believe it ort nots, it took awhile to string the letterz twogather and form words as will. This was just practice though and that's why there are so many typos. Next time I plan to actually try. Stay tuned and you'll be able to see me progress from being lazy AF to a pro within a couple days!

I think he must have averaged about 2-3 words a day with them five weeks. This shit is hard!

Imagine how hard it was to teach those fish to sit still for the photo.

Imagine hard it
Was to teach those fish to sit
Still for the photo.

                 - nonameslefttouse

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I understand that the mood is hostile. I was hoping to have pleasant conversations about the aquarium hobby and certainly not this.

It is not hostile. It is curation. I am not against your post, just the rewards are excessive.

My neighour has a nice tank of fish that we have been looking after whilst he's on holiday. He's got some pretty big ones.

Hello. I started writing a reply regarding 'hostility', but it grew.. uhm.. a "bit" too long. So I posted that here instead -- be warned though, it's a wall of text, I sometimes find it hard to stop writing ;)

Have a fish !BEER

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Here is my aquarium.

I bought it just over 7 years ago.

I have been working on it for around 370 weeks. This means I am entitled to about 70x the post rewards generated from this post.

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This wasn't what I was hoping for, but if PhD people say it is appropriate, I guess they are the authority. =)

Cool picture, nice fish and a very decent post.

I feel it is over-rewarded. Per your comments you hoped we could have a discussion about your fish. We still can.

Where did you buy your fish? What made you interested in this hobby? Why this hobby?

I hope you enjoy your new fish and keep posting!

Thank you. I got into the hobby because it really helps with steess and anxiety. Being that I live in a city this seems perfect for someone who wants a lot of pets but has limited space.

The blue neons from petsmart and the rest I found at a few mom and pops here in the city. The rest are blank neons, fancy guppies and some hard to spot ones I was hoping to show off later.

Show them off anyway! Talk about them anyway.

One of the best things I was able to do raise a big group of orange bumblebee shrimp in there. They blend in perfectly with the rocks though and are only now getting big enough to get a decent look at.

I was able to get about a dozen of them for a huge discount because I bought them when they just hatched.

Good to see you posting again. Hope all is going well with you, I myself am dealing with anxiety attacks and what not and scaled back how much content I create. The NewSteem stuff they downvote people who use bots essentially just letting ya know.

I hear you bud. This site is a big part of why I started keeping fish, to help deal with the stress of it lol.

Considering starting one myself, I've heard it requires a lot of maintenance :p

It depends on the route you go with it. If things are going well it's not much more work than changing some water out every couple weeks though. I've set up a few by different methods if you have questions about it.

Very true, I'm still in between about it at the moment but if I decide to take the plunge, I'll let you know :p

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