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Sticking to the Halloween theme:

The above and below shot is in a membership bar and grill I bumped into which stored high end cars that you could see through the glass while sitting at the bar:

Shots of inside my van...the curtains and bedding are hand made and UV (ultraviolet) light activated:
This is a panorama shot of the inside with UV lights on:
I stopped by the airport to have a boot custom made for the stick gearshift and we had to walk through the hanger which had cool airplanes hanging out:
The below picture was a nice night shot in Nelson while we were installing the 3x100 watt solar panels:
Random Rocky Mountain shot:
Nelson BC court house at night this Halloween:
A couple more random shots below:


I am going to spend a few days in Seattle as seems like lots to do. I rode the fat tire electric bike downtown today and got these nice shots:




And last for my Calgary friends look how big this hat and boots are - zoom in and see my bike for perspective:

Looks like I have to run back to Calgary with my tail between my legs as the shifter is not working correct. So getting winter tires put on today and donating the new summer tires to Peace Vans for their great work. I know they will go to a needy home.

Paul Collin

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Thx for your attention.


Thanks for your support and curation.


I need a paint job.


A person is made happy with three things: love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel. I think you are a happy person. Your posts are very interesting.


Thx. I am happy, extremely excited about adventure. Jumping on bike and screaming through Seattle yesterday I had smile ear to ear!




This is called great life....




Always give us the best you really deserve all this and more greetings to you

Welcome back @greenman , we missed you:)
Great post and amazing photo resteemed and shared in the facebok goup in the top:)


thank you so much for this generous curation @greenman:)

Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.
I am very motivated to visit those places.
Upvote & resteem duddy.

Excellent Shots really enjoy watching and reading your post.

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so funny.

wow the interior of the van is so cool and that UV lights makes it look even more beautiful, i appreciate your photos all of them are so cool and attractive.

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Thanks for resteem


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fantastic photography of your travels & incredible modification of the vx van of yours. impressive work @greenman


Thanks for the this article. this is great post and nice photography.

Thank you @greenman
Have a great day.


Love it.




wow lovely.


Lovely Photo.

Great photography.good writing experience.

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Beautiful photography, i also love the interior of your van, it's so unique and attractive.
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Thx for gif and resteem.

Nice photos, I liked it. Mountains are very beautiful!) Upvote and resteem)


Thanks for resteem.




The future...

wow super cool photographs, really like those cars and aeroplanes they are so cool and attractive, the rocky mountain view is also amazing. Stay blessed

Exceptional modification of the van & brilliant nature photography...!!!
Halloween mode on...!!!

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I love your van! Looks really cool and cozy!


upvoted resteemit.


Excellent photography and good writing. i like your post and following dr @greenman.


Thx for resteem!

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post...
Nice car .hand made bed.ultraviolet light activated ..inside the van ..looking awesome.
There is cool aeroplane hanging out....nelson Bc court house, a big hat but a little bike ..you are trying to change your van tires

I just love it sir.....

Thank you sir for sharing


Thanks for kind words.






You are most welcome....sir ..
Love to read your post ..

Very nice photography.

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Wow ! extraordinary photography,Great works, I wish you success.
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Amazing post

Nice photography and nice post ... good writing. i like your post..@greenman

beautiful dairy with photo.

the UV lights are amazing the result. and be there

This is funny life. that is amazing photos.

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It's time to wear pumpkin helmet ;) nice photography

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@greenman - Sir your van inside looks like a hotel room....It's wonderful Sir.... You made it perfectly....
Happy Halloween Sir....

To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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You Van looks awesome now! Actually I thought you will modify it like the below photography that I have found while searching for VX modified van photographs! So I was little curious by watching your photography! You already did that modification :D That's amazing and you did it well!

You made few great photography again! I think you might enter for Photography contests of Steemit! Coz you can win them by using those absolutely great photo shots!

After all it's Halloween time! And I hope to see more photography from you about it as well!


Great travel experience sir. excelent photography.

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Wow pretty awesome with Halloween.
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freaking nice cars!!!! and what a scary clown haha, it reminds me of the movie 'it' :)


Yes I agree.

Nice post sir

Awesome ,great to see another post from you. Take care😉



Hello @greenman,

Nice Halloween & Extraordinary photography.


hello, @greenman

Nice photography and nice post ...

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Thanks for the this article. this is great post and nice photography sir....

The outside looks good already, a pity it is not up and running for 100%. The inside look good, cosy and comfortable.

Wintertyres are needed soon, take care!

Random Rocky Mountain shot looks amazing


Jast a great work,,,,.....

what an experience that would have been simply outstanding....

thanks for sharing this...nice post...



nice work upvote me

100% like.Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.
I am very motivated to visit those places.@greenman


Amazing pics as always @greenman! Great to see your van finally looking cozy! Sorry the shift is not quite right, but hey many problems are a blessing in disguise ;-)

Good post with Awesome pics @greenman

fantastic post.i like this.

the inside of the van is really awesome.

nice series of pics uploaded by you.

Thanks a lot for sharing those.

Wow...such a wonderful photograpy collection by @greenman
I really like your photos...specialy...first one...hahahaha...it is amazing camera click...
Hey mr. Paul Collin nicely done and perfect work my dear friend...

greet photography and perfect shoot.thanks for sharing

That is great writing .

For your post propagation.

Brilliant post like always..with great photos..

Hello mate! Wow! Its been quite long since I last read from you! I hope all fine on your side man!
Lovely shots as usual and I just loved that Rocky mountain one!

The very first one, the hanger pic and the snow peak mountain are really looking beautiful.

Always love that.

oh that's pretty cool looks like you enjoyed Halloween well :D

This is magician ha ha ha....But post is awesome and beautiful picture

Nice photography good Article , keep posting

seeing the interior of vw van i was like wow :D

amazing post.


Heads up I get a lot of folks commenting multiple times on same post which looks like spam.

Nice story and great photos. Also, I'm sure that you enjoy a lot in your van :)

wow i hope you had enjoyed Halloween well mr . president :)

nice love the color in the van..


Very beautiful photography you sharing sir @greenman.
Also I wish you happy halloween.
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Brilliant photo shot you sharing @greenman. Such a talented one. Totally awesome.





Thank you sir & welcome.


Can you keep comments to one by editing last as seems if you comment so many times on one blog looks like spamming? Regards.

You must be a great photographer.
All these clicks are awesome.
Love to see you again after many days.
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delightful shots so good to see amazing :)

Sticking to the Halloween theme & nice photography & excellent van interior modification~

Some really good shots from the city nice that you shared it with us thanks :)

Very beautiful photography you sharing sir @greenman

I am with you......IMG_20171031_143256-01.jpg


Thank you so much @greenman, Are you not angry up to me ? hahaha......


Excellent Shots really enjoy watching and reading your post...........//////



A person is made happy with three things: love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel. I think you are a happy person. Your posts are very interesting.

@greenman love, interesting work and the opportunity to travel!!!

Excellent Shots really enjoy watching and reading your post. i like it sir..

great post I like this...really nice & mind touch blog😍😍

Hello Very nice publications that express your unique personality. i will be a follower for your publications

wow excellent photography.

what a post really nice..... like it..

Each and every image are of the highest quality liked the awesome cars and the nature views images
Nicely done!