Critters in Costa Rica with some global finance updates showing why crypto currency (bitcoin) will be so important:

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This toad was making lots of noise. I got a pretty close up shot of it and when I showed the shot to a local he pointed out the ticks on the frog. Can you find them?

For those interested in the Direct to Vendor charity the next picture is the vendor from my last blog that I mentioned wanted to invest in a spot light for their business and the next day after your donation of economic development the light is shinning purple below:

Short video on the global economy with David Stockman very easy listen:

The picture below is the result of me seeing a small light shinning on the ground off and on. I though it must be a firefly so I took a close picture of the shinning light and zoomed it up to check it out:

Another great short weekly wrap up from Greg Hunter a quality independent reporter:

"It's going to be on you" Yes, the problems of the future 'reduction of populations because of starvation' is your fault for not paying attention and voting this shit out! The following short video explains:

For those of you that are commenting more than once on my posts I call that spam and am now flagging them.

We went on a catamaran with around 50 people on a lake into the rain forest and parked, blasted electronic house music from 10:30 pm to 10:00 am. Danced at least 9 hours solid!



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Wow. Very beautiful photography sir. I am you biggest fan sir. You are really awesome sir. I love your Charity sir. You really doing a great work sir. Thank you so much sir for sharing with us.

Thanks for the Update. Costa Rica is amazing. I bet you will decide to stay there.


I do love it, just have to find awesome beaches - so far not many. The weather is great but lots of rain so maybe only a few months a year to be here. The people are so loving! One good woman and one could be talked into staying longer.

Frogs noises at night really irritate me. I cannot sleep if they really start disturbing me.

Excellent - Great post as usual @greenman and very nice to see the Steem donations in Action ... Lights, Camera, Action... That Spot Light will certainly make this vendor 's business stand out from the rest.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 1.19.34 PM.png


Wow. Very beautiful photography sir. I am you biggest fan sir. You are really awesome sir. I love your Charity sir. You really doing a great work sir. Thank you so much sir for sharing with us.U5dsppcNJMM2rn9aoXkiw43DvanrzzY.gif

Hahaha wtf with the frog D: be careful

Lol, can not prevent the frog from joining high technologies, ha ha ha :D

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This is too cool and appropriate! Thank you so much for your engagement into the right mind set and hopefully avoiding spamming people.


Oh yes, last time I made the mistake of adding more than one comment and got the flag, but the lesson is learned and the conclusion is made! Thank you Paul.

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What is Lake Arenal wonderful, and what nice to see through that link so many detailed pictures. I believe you have a great time in Costa Rica.
The frog is clear and I know that they could make a lot noise, especially in the night when everyone would like to sleep :-)
But Paul, what is that little insect ? Is it a fire fly or ?
Enjoy your stay and thanks for bringing those nice adventures to us.


It must be a firefly but I don't know. It was glowing in the dark.

Most spammers with multiple comments are gone.

Hi Paul, seems you find a plce where it is good to stay. A lot freedom, a lot nature and life is worth living overthere.
Dont you miss the VAN ? You put so much energy in, and he is probably waiting at you to make some nice trips together.
Are you updated about the conditions where the VAN is in at this moment ? About the little lightning insect, was it a firefly or did you discover something else?
Take good care, make people (and yourself) HAPPY !


I sure do miss the van and will see it this month!

Untitled-1 copy.jpg


Thank You So Much My Dear Greenman.

Wow to dance 9 hours is great. You are in great shape :)


My sister will absolutely love this, thank you for thinking things through before a spam attempt!


Apparently I inattentively read the posts, posting 3 comments, now only one :) Thanks for understanding @greenman


hahah stop it, you may have tired by doing this

That's so cool you enjoyed and clicked some awesome images thanks for sharing :)

all pictures you posted are great and the pictures itself describe the story. The Purple light shine very astonished

This toad was making lots of noise. I got a pretty close up shot of it and when I showed the shot to a local he pointed out the ticks on the frog. Can you find them?

Yea sure I can find them. I zoomed the pictures and could see some translucent White patches on the body of the toad.

The picture below is the result of me seeing a small light shinning on the ground off and on. I though it must be a firefly so I took a close picture of the shinning light and zoomed it up to check it out:

Owk since that's not a Firefly then what insect is that...I know Fire flies to be the only insects that emit light at night. This one looks strange.


On Critters

Seems like these creatures have some special place in your life.

On Politicians

Would it make any difference if people had voted for someone else? Not a fan of this 'shitman' but I believe, politicians are all the same everywhere. Someone rightly said this about them and I think, years after years, it has been remained true:

On Music and Dance

9 hours solid dance is something very special. I think no need to say that you would have had a very good time.

On Spam

Flag them softly. :)

On Contribution

You got my contribution for the good charity work you're doing. Also, shared with my followers.

Have a good day @greenman!

Very interesting and informative post, thanks for sharing to us, i like it and upvote and resteem your post to more than 1150 my follower, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness
Elephant_498e95_523612 (1).gif

you are a great photographer man, its amazing,,,
this one is for you..


greg is really a great analyist and i always find his blog many informative specially on stock market and also todays videos is more good
nice photo of this toad and good to listen your travel to to lake in rain greenman sir

i bought this for you.

Sorry if you find it offensive...the frog knows no ethics because it's lost in dancing :D

Superb post @greenman. You seem a music lover. I sang a song that you might find at my wall. It's special in a way that the original song was a duet and for that reason I had to cover both the male and female versions. By the way, frog looks funny. During my childhood, I have witnessed the yellow, dark green and brown frogs 'singing' together during rainy season. It was fun then and now they are seen less. I selected this gif and tried to interpret it this way:
A frog roughly aged 56 years old doing commentary for a football match after eating a lot of food. I hope you like it. :)

I can clearly see those two ticks. I have been watching both Greg Hunter and Greg Mannarino for over a year and thanks to them I clearly know what is happening overall with the economy. Regarding charity I love the way you look at the things. Raising a regular amount of money is obviously important to many just to keep going in this school. Fundraisers like you not only helps to bring in much needed cash but can also raise the profile of you and other steemiens on steemit in a amazing way.
Great post and pictures!

Well I love the way you relate things, quite informative, keep sharing such posts, and good for the vendor the lights are really shining bright.

I do not know where I can contact you, Before I ask if my request is not pleasing to you.

Will you cooperate with me, and delegate some SP to me, I will pay you 15SBD / day. I need 20k SP. You can take back your SP delegation if I do not pay you, and I will do daily upvote on your post.

Thanks for your attention, a honor if you reply to this message.

[I did not send this message through the wallet memo, so as not to bother you.]


well its really great to hear that (went on a catamaran with around 50 people on a lake into the rain forest and parked blasted electronic house music from 10:30 pm to 10:00 am. Danced at least 9 hours solid)
hope your time was so birlliat and you enjoyed with your team and was have your life best moments
you are always best man for share your life moments and gerat job of charity with us Mr. collin

Donate for charity

beautifull photography here i see sir @greenman

thanks for anather lovely post


giphy (1).gif

For the 1st video

Disappointed Stockman didn't answer the question about the cashless society. I can't imagine how enslaved we will all be in such a scenario.

Love your photography, I was unable to see the videos as here the internet speed has been restricted to 2g so I can't make a relevant comment Bdw great to see your post after a period of more than 7 days

Costa Rica is a amazing location to visit. Nice photography provided @greenman. Also you unstoppable task of donation direct to vendors. Great work you doing to desolate peoples. Thank contribute everyone.



Great post..Loved the amazing pictures and toad and perfect click.And yes Greg has given a lot of information about this cryptocurrency..Hope you have a great fun at catamaran rain forest and i think you danced a lot on that..Thanks for sharing it with us..@greenman

An international team of scientists has solved a case of mistaken identity and discovered a new species of venomous snake.The newly discovered Talamancan Palm-Pitviper is a striking green-and-black snake living in some of the most remote regions of Costa Rica.

Greenman some sbd send chike

Oh my word....
I think I could see about three ticks...
I never knew ticks infested toads until now.....

This is so weird....

Nice one @greenman

now bitcoin price is 11611$. i hope very soon bitcoin will touch 13000$...

this gif for you..may be you like it..


i hope you enjoy the travel moment..And best of luck for your travel.

You made an amazing content, We sould connect and support each other by follow each other. I already following you, please think about that. My apologize if I sent this post to you already.Thanks and greeting from @chanthasam

wow nice post sir

This is nice post and it's photography is really beautiful.Thank you so much.

Just when my day at work was almost making me loose hope for people (Services are down due to a major snow storm, and people were threatening me if I don't get it up in 15 min, and they would have been a couple hour drive even if the roads were not closed), and then you post another great post to restore that faith.
Currently I have a plan to spend another summer where I am saving up money and investing in crypto, Steemit, then I plan to travel and teach people how to do the same. All the while I'm going to shoot some amazing longboarding videos all over the world.
Keep up the great work, and the inspiration Paul!
Voted & resteemed!

Beautiful pics taken by you , nice blog ,keep posting , thanks

I will be enjoying Costa Rica this summer for a study abroad trip. I really look forward to it

Awesome photography paul sir , upvoted

oww really nice photography sir @greenman
thank you sir

The market didn’t drop after Powell’s comments because the market already knows we aren’t and haven’t been on a fiscally sustainable path for years. The market still believes that when the rubber hits the road the Fed will intervene. Problem is that the Fed can’t backstop equities once they lose control of interest rates which is why Powell sounded like a scared little boy. He knows it is all coming to a head and much sooner than later.

LEGEND_20180306_244253.gifgreat sharing @greenman

What a lovely post Sir..

thanks given costa rica information . you are great man.

Hi! Glad to know that you are extremely fit! You could dance for nine solid hours!!
Thanks for the updates and videos, some of which I have already followed om a regular basis. I wonder how things or cryptos will turn out in the third quarter of this year. Quite a few people, especially Gerald Celente has predicted the collapse of the stock market this year.

You are having a whale of a time and doing a great job for us and others as well!
Thank you very much.

@greenman nice photography

excellent photography @greenman

I love that tod. This is so cute. Can you give me some guideline regarding cryptocurrency...? I mean should I HODL or should trade? What is your strategy in the present scenario of crypto world @greenman?

I think ticks are black spots on a frog. And for a man, these mites are dangerous?

you are a great photographer man, its amazing,,,

nice sir@greenman


great job,,,thanks for sharing

Those video were amazing. I don't even dare to take pictures of frog or that insect... They might jump or fly on me. Pretty scared of them.

Thanks for the updates and photos. It is nice to see flagging of comments of spammers. All the best.

wow,,thanks for your valuable post and i am impressed

great analysis and amazing post,,,thanks

You're the man @greenman. Save journey on your travels.

Excellent photography & nice travel experience you shared~


good to see these photos of these small creaters and you took good shots and also good to share these videos thanx @greenman for these updates in your posts


Enjoy the party with these tasty and delicious prawn

Nice shots, you captured each moment perfectly. I'm always very inspired by your good deeds.your doing a very good job on donation sir.
200 (1).gif

I think you are a professional photographer. Your pictures are awesome your work.

Excellent photography
100% like and resteem


@greenman you like flower. Your every thing are like this flower. i love your good work dear.Be continue dear.

@marketreport is great man... i always follow him...

Wow.Very wonderfull photography boss.You are really awesome sir@greenman.Thanks for sharing ......

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..


interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

I'm impressed.......Thanks for sharing

really great photography sir...

excellent photography sir

Wow. Very beautiful images sir. i'm you largest fan sir. you're truely exquisite sir. i love your Charity sir. You sincerely doing a top notch work sir. thanks so much sir for sharing with us.

Geat photography and vendor gifts down there in Costa Rica. Upvoted

great one post sir....
upvote and resteem done....
amazing photography>>>>>

nice photography28015336120_46cf9c10e5_b.jpg

greenman... sir your photo caption inspire me to be a photographer. @upvoted @resteemit

nice to see your posts always give us some hlepfull informations on crypto market and on bitcoin you doing a good job and i really like your work as good man in steemit platfarm @paul

Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the youtube

Great pictures Thank you for your useful post

your all photography is super. @upvoted @resteemit

frogs are the cutest and whenever there is raining sessions we get to see many of them with amazing colours amazing pictures @greenman great capture ☺


Everything you gives to community it's valuable. Lot peoples salute your task where you traveled gave some donations. Very well enjoyed in Costa Rica. It's tourists attraction place around the world. Photography increase my passion to travel there.

WOOW so sweet and cute look these small toad and you got a really closely shot #greenman sir
also thanx to share these videos and updates on global economy with David Stockman


excellent post @greenman

Very beautiful photography sir. I am you biggest fan sir. You are really awesome sir.

Stock market crises is always gonna suffer...
The frog is always toddling ...
9 hrs of dancing it is really gonna any muscle solid.....keep enjoying mate..


Aaz haa chu sabez nafar kangal