Photography - Sweet Yellow Corvette - 20180830

in photography •  3 months ago

This is a Sweet Yellow Corvette - Midwest, USA


Just a quick photo of a Sweet Yellow Corvette . . .

Midwest, USA - Sweet Yellow Corvette

Photo taken by me . . . . .

by @goldkey

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ohhh, this yellow Vette looks so great


I stopped to capture this sweet yellow Vette.

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I love getting splashed . . . like this.

It is not just a sweet yellow Corvette, it is a beautiful and sweet yellow Corvette...


Absolutely Beautiful and SWEET! ! !

Yellow and black, a perfect combination.


Bumble Bee colors are perfection


I'm sure you can pick up some fares with that TAXI-colored Corvette.

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Thanks for the BOOOOMerang.

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Thanks for that big BOOOOOOOST

What a nice cars and high level photography.


Thanks for the compliment.

Cool car. I love the American cars.


This is a very cool car