SteemCreators Conference Toronto Video

in photography •  2 months ago

A few days before I left for my Toronto trip I took possession of a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I soon discovered during my stay here that it takes excellent photos and video. Flipping through my gallery this morning I stumbled across a feature that allows you to compile photos and video while adding a soundtrack and superimposing some nifty themed graphics.

This is the result and I am quite happy with it.


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How much better than the Note 8? If any. I'm thinking about upgrading from my (as I like to think of it) Samsung Post-it Note. :-)




It's at least 1 better 🤣
Seriously though, it's more powerful, better camera, and longer lasting battery.

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I'm impressed @gmuxx.... really nice work

Wow, that's pretty impressive as a feature on your phone. It did a pretty good job.

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Very nice! Seems like people had a really good time there; I recognize a few faces... wish I could have gone, but the timing just didn't work.


It's been a great trip, meeting some fantastic Steemians.

It is an excellent phone and its high resolution camera with the integrated applications of gallery you do it great only the imagination would be the limit to perform excellent works, I liked the video very creative and with good shots thanks for sharing it

Looks like it was an awesome trip, and you took some amazing photos as well. Nifty little compilation app, it made an entertaining movie of the trip.

#thealliance #witness


We had a great time, glad you enjoyed the compilation.

Love this. :-) We've had such a great time here!

WOW, I love that feature! How does it upload on steemit, as a regular picture/video? Looks like an awesome trip Muxxy. <3


Thanks Kubbs. The phone creates the video that I then had to upload to YouTube.

It's been a fantastic trip.

This is wonderful, @gmuxx! I feel like I got a mini tour of the event and all the sights!

I have seen a Indian Biryani House in between the video. Great feeling!

So nice!!!! All the Tim Hortons pics made me laugh! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my country, even though its so vast that you were probably still closer to Britain than to me, hahaha.


I looked it up, I guess you still were closer to me than to Britain. But only about 2,000 kms closer. So like, still far. Hahaha

I am amazed to watch the video. It is really enjoyable and valuable. I am following you.Thanks for sharing.