I completely agree with you Gillian.
Have you seen some of the macro photography that's out here? It's mind blowing at times, and so inspiring.

Yes. @osm0sis. Macro photography is one of the things I'm not really able to do with my phone. I keep meaning to look into a lens for it although they don't have that good reviews.

Macro photography and depth of field shots are the things I really miss, only having a phone. Oh yes, and long exposure but I don't find myself thinking about that anywhere near as often as the other two.

Have you seen @adrianobalan's macro shots? The are literally jaw dropping! 😊

Oh wow thank you so much for mentioning him. Following him now :)

I think a few of the newer cell phones have excellent macro features. Very practical to have that on a phone as you aren't always walking around with a DSLR, ready to catch tiny insects and cool patterns. Cell phones will easily do the trick, but some of the latest ones are so pricey...

My phone is pretty average @osm0sis but it does well enough in a lot of situations. I've won some contests here with it for example.

I like being able to point and shoot and can't imagine carting a decent camera with me much. I might look into getting one that's somewhere in the middle but, for now, I'm OK with the phone.

I'm glad to recommend @adrianobalan. There are a lot of great photographers on Steemit but his stuff is truly exceptional.

Another one I like is @otage, not so much for his photography which is usually good, but for his creativity which is often exceptional. He just seems to have an eye for seeing quite common things in a different way! 😊

Creativity in photography you say? My kind of guy 😉
Following him too. Thanks for the extra sources of inspiration.

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