Timelapse Kathmandu: My first timelapse video for Steemit!

in photography •  last year

I shot this video over the last weeks. I started from scratch and had no idea which software to use and which settings I should go for. It took me a lot of tutorial-watching to get it done! Still there is a lot of room for improvement. It is over 8000 photos, all taken in or outside of Kathmandu, Nepal. Not only is it my first timelapse video, but my first ever edited video! There still is a lot to learn. If possible, watch it with audio in 1080p.

music by Schneider TM - Reality check

I hope you enjoyed it!

If you like it, please upvote and resteem generously. The project took me hours of work and I would love to do more of it - if there is some proper feedback. I think spreading quality videos which point in our direction is a great way to promote Steemit. If you have any questions about the process, please write a comment, I am happy to share my (fresh) knowledge!

So far

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Nice video! Very refreshing scenes indeed! Most time-lapse videos I saw didn't use panning. This one is more sophisticated than others I saw. It's encouraging many to try shooting time-lapse videos.


Thank you! It takes a little bit of know how to implement panning but it is well worth it. There are incredible photographers out there who really mastered the craft. One step at a time :)

Nice video! Very refreshing. I want to know how it's done with a simple camera without having to fill the storage. Take one still picture every 20 seconds or so?


Hey there! Some more recent models have an interval-mode implemented in the software, so you can choose and set your intervals in the camera. Professionals are using so called intervalometers which you can connect to your body and then choose all the settings. 20 seconds is quite a big interval, for most of the cloud shots I went for something between 5-10 sec. But then again it all depends on your prefered framerate and your overall vision of the final video.


Thanks! I haven't gotten my DSLR I mentioned in This Article. I'll check how time lapse is done with entry level models. I hope you visit it too.

Well done!

Awesome job Lukas, I am so effin proud of you! Maybe we could work together on projects like this if you ever come back to Europe :)


Awww, awesome to see you here :P I think we most certainly will! I am missing you guys <3

I like it but it was strictly suburbs until the end. I guess promoting life I would say. Thank you


You are right bro.. these are really awesome


I will spend the half of December in a little mountain village on the border to civilization, you will get a lot of nature :)

What an inspiring video with a perfect choice of soundtrack. The cloud scenes reminded me that we do live in a beautiful world. Thank you.


All a matter of perspective :) thank you!

Upvote, follow, resteem - in the exact order as requested, and WELL DESERVED. Enjoyable to watch, some very unique imagery. What did you use to create the camera motion, if I might ask?


thank you :) I shot it in 6000x4000 pixel, this gives plenty of space for a zoom effect if you are editing for 1920x1080. So you can Zoom in digitally in Premiere. Apart from that for some shots I used a little tool called "Flow Mow", its basically an expensive egg timer which turns your camera really slowly over two hours.

First ko sankata mandir ko time lapse ma mero aunty pani dekhi parecha :D Hehe ! Nice time laps bro (Y)


hah :) took me a while to translate, but my nepali is getting better every day :) super cool to see some Nepalese people on Steemit! We should meet for a beer!

Suggestion: add this post to steemitworldmap.com:


oh thanks folker, will do. Really loved your drone sightseeing, hope to see more :)

Yes it is very nice. Good work. Resteemed :)


Thanks a lot @hanen!

Kathamandu is a very beautiful city. And your video looks dope man. Keep uploading we are with you 😉😉


cheers man, thats the spirit <3

Wow, Amazing! Will be looking forward to see new content!!!


merci beaucoup, me too!

I did enjoy that! I love this kind of work!

Great job. please produce a video like this for a cricket match.. especially with only 6s and 4s.


Cool idea, should not be a problem to find a cricket match in Kathmandu :)

nice video love time lapse

I see your video... i hope still picture...please upload still picture..


Ask and you shall receive :) @abusaleh


these are my two favorite ones


Find better quality here


oh thanks.....this is just amazing..

Wow are you real photographer
lovely timelapes photography
keep it up
keep posting photo 😊😊

Nice.. But need more bro....


I am up to it :)

Wow. This is very cool bro. Hope to see more of this.XD


thanks! Hope so too :)

Wow great job, I enjoyed watching this :)

Very cool brother.......look forward to more.

Great job. I really enjoyed watching the video. It's also a lot of fun to learn a new skill. Keep reading up, never stop educating yourself. Next time you'll also have the time lapse exposure fixed (instead of jumping) and hopefully it'll be a bigger project. Keep it up buddy


Cheers man! I am glad somebody notices it :) Hah, I am on it, timelapse is not as easy as I thought. After all of this feedback I will surely go for a bigger project!

Great video, thanks for sharing @geniusloci


cheers man!

Is very cool the quality of your video is amazing !


Right you are bro


merci beaucoup :)

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I am working on a solution to make it look more beautiful in a post though!

thank you for sharing very nice post, keep sharing.

Nice post , i like it @geniusloci

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great effort..Appreciated

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upvote to you dear nice post....i hope you back
DQmR39tsAwGvFsb2Sp4TDviexxqPHcu7aiuLuEKTvxT7RQk (1).gif

Which Camera you used for the video?


Hey there! Shot on a Fuji XT20 with (mostly) Samyang 12mm

Nyc Post!! I like your Post!! Keep Sharing!!

awesome ! cong dude . amazing


thank you man!

Tank you

plizzz follow me

Man, what a brilliant video! Bravo!

I have been thinking of shooting something similar in Sofia for such a long time, but I always end up finding excuses and postponing it. You gave me a motivational boost ;)


Thanks dan :) would love to see some shots from Sofia. I will come back to this in a month ;)

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thanks for share your experience @geniusloci if you want improve your video quility @adobelightroom welcome to @absn

Your post is amazing.
One day I hope be like a you Brother.


Cheers man. We are all the same <3

amazing photography ..
will appreciate if you visit to my blogs ..
thanks for sharing...


This is brilliant! 😊


muchas gracias!

Lovely piece of work!


Thanks, so are you ;)

Well done! On what period did you put the timer though?


cheers bro! Between 4-10 sec intervalls over 30 min - 2 hours.


thanks man! keep up the work

Powerful images!

I cannot even begin to fathom how much work that would have been. It is a remarkable first go. Time lapse video is something I'm very curious about but haven't had the patience to work out. I'm super impressed with your effort. Those skies are stunning.


Thank you for the kind words :) All the feedback I got, really motivated me to shoot a second part. Just checked your blog and I love it! Followed you for more awesomeness!


That's so nice of you, thanks. I'll be keeping any eye out for more of your time lapses.

That was cool looks like an interesting place. I liked that intro with the nails too. Great idea


oh it is! Can be quite sobering from time to time, still loving this city. Thanks!

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