Photography: A dark Stroll through Patan

in #photography3 years ago (edited)
Namaste friends!

Before I go out with my camera to capture a series, I decide on the mood and the tones. If I would go for street photography in the midday, you would probably see me shooting black and white with high contrasts. If I would aim for landscape and nature, I would probably go for natural tones.

But I would barely change the look I am going for because I want to communicate a feeling. If I start black and white, I will stick to black and white.

For this afternoon/evening I decided to put focus on the old nepali architecture around me and especially on the little details you can see everywhere, which barely anyone notices or even appreciates. My neighbourhood is full of magical places and I never stop to wonder. I wanted the series to be a little bit dark and mysterious. I gave the highlights a little purple/magenta touch while the shadows turn a little bit blue.

Enjoy the world through my lens!










I hope you enjoyed the content! Please leave me an upvote, so I can continue doing the stuff I do.

Much love



its so cool. the contrast made it gold. love this way to take a simple things to priceless.
is it from a hindu temple?

Thanks man :) yes, most of the pictures are from Hindu sites.

I love the tones and the mood! I know that you look forward to going back to Berlin, but I also know that you are going to miss Nepal. From what I have seen in your photos, Nepal is a wondrous place. My favorite shot of the bunch is the one with the blueish door.

Cheers dan :) Yeah, that is totally how I feel about. I love the chaos and the authenticity of the country. I am going to make the beer happen! :D

If you like chaotic places, you may as well fall in love with Sofia, lol :D The added advantage is that there are some awesome beer pubs here :)

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It's too inky for my taste, but the details in your pictures are adorable, especially the door in blue.

Thanks for the feedback, I see what you mean. Got a little trouble editing pictures in my notebook. Looks totally different on my phone. Really happy when I am back home with the "real" workstation :)

You are welcome :) I also have this problem when I look at pictures on phone and on my laptop for instance.

nice capture

dark and moody. Love it!

Fantastic photo series! Love the moodyness of these shots!

A bunch of quite interesting items you photographed. I particular like the wooden doors and ornament (the fifth photograph in your series). Did you photograph in darkness? They could have been a bit less dark to make it better to see :)

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