Beautiful Shots!

in photography •  2 months ago 

Hi Friends... These are some photos I had clicked at the corner of a riverside resort, recently.

There is a girl carrying a water bottle, a buffelo and three mushrooms, arranged beautifully here!. All these are made of cement!!


But I couldn't understand the reason or purpose of arranging these three things together here!! The green lawn and the beautiful lighting around has for sure doubled the beauty of this spot.





So I just thought of taking these pics, without bothering about the connection between these three and why they were arranged together like this, here... :)

All these pics were taken using my smartphone Honor.

With love and regards, @geetharao...

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Though the arrangement of art-pieces are looking odd, but its photographs are looking good.. good afternoon Ma'am :-)

Certainly it symbolizes something, but in any case it looks beautiful. Thank you for the interesting photo.

Wonderful click !!! Thank for sharing these !

Wonderful shots, artistic and it gets, your photographer is a sure shot pro

Hi dear! These shots so beautiful!!! I like the picture of mushrooms 🍄, it looks so nice.

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it's very nice photography dear @geetharao