Dragonflies - animal photography

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These pictures were taken in our garden. Dragonflies often fly off when you approach them. But they have the tendency to land on the exact same spot. So with a bit of patience and no sudden movements it's possible to get quite close and then take a nice close-up.



Photos were taken with the Canon 5d mark III and the Canon 70-200 mm, f/4, IS, USM lens.


This picture was taken with the 100 mm, f/2.8, IS, USM macro lens.

Dragonflies are a bit of a mystery, spending most of their life underwater as a nymph. They only turn into a dragonfly to mate and will die shortly after.

I hope you liked the pictures.


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Stunning photos! Congrats! Dragonflies are indeed beautiful creatures and you capture them wonderfully!

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I'm a birder, but there is a parallel group of avid dragon fly and damsel fly watchers and listers. The groups overlap, and a good number of birders also watch and study dragon flies. Uprooted and esteemed. Good post.


Thank you. I tried to identify some of the many insects here, but I'm already glad to know a few birds. Thanks for the resteem.


There is a good smart phone app called Dragonfly IDF that I use. Handy to have in the field.

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Sweet photos and a handy tips about dragonflies landing in the same spot. I had no idea. Can't lie, the fact that they mate and dies is kind of sad. They're so majestic. I am also rocking the Canon 5D Mark III. -Aimee