Working on a portrait in Darktable (video)

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Hello again!

I finally got it working!

Well, I did have some problems with the audio track that can still be heard.

I recorded the piece with OBS, and only after discovering the audio track was on the left channel only, I searched the web and learned that there's a switch in OBS to record in mono instead of stereo.

Well... I tried, but I couldn't find out how to fix this in post using the video editor kdenlive, so I did a quick fix and tried panning the channel to right... It didn't work very well, but it is now somewhat more tolerable to listen to.

Working on a portrait in Darktable:

I hope you liked it! :)

Hey, if you have anything photography related you'd like to ask, or an issue you want me to talk about, feel free to drop me a line in the comments and I'll address it in my future videos.


p.s. Also, the microphone is superb!

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yes it was good, great to hear your voice :)

you speak great english man that was awesome :)
great video

i totally loved it very nicely done :)

audio was coming from only one side i checked twice haha but no worries it worked excellent video that was : )

Nice video very well explained everything :)

Thank u! It is a good video.

Thank you! I was a bit hesitant in making it, because I've grown a bit shy in my older years. ;) Oh, and my spoken English is very clumsy as I haven't had real practice in it for years.

Your spoken English it not clumsy. It did not get in the way of understanding the content in the slightest.

Kiitos. :)

Ole hyvä! One way verbal expression can be clumsy is the lack of fluency. You can speak English fluently and make the correct word choices on the fly. That makes your English completely adequate for podcasts. An accent not used by any group of native English speakers is not a problem. There are some accents in Britain that sound foreign to me despite the fact that the users of those accents follow every general rule of English pronunciation and intonation. Very few of us are capable of sounding like professional radio hosts even in our own native tongue.

That is true, his expression was without clumsiness. Accent is a different from people who are not native English speakers. But in all, listening and understanding such people is not a problem when they speak.

quite nice work there hope to see more of these videos :)

Thanks! I'll do more of them as soon as I can. :)

I really like the presentation and the audio with the video. How were you able to use the OBS for the recording?. I have some novice experience with it. I have listened to some youtube videos on it but i am not sure of the output. Would you be kind to tell me the how to use it and have my video at the background as well. Thanks friend.

Sure thing, which video would you want me to help you with? I'm not sure about my schedule today, but I'll be sure to check on it in the evening at the latest. :)

Thanks @gamer00. I want to do a tutorial on how to use a particular software and record it as i demonstrate/explain it. I just need you to tell me how to set up my OBS to look like the video you did above. Thanks.

I'll look into it tomorrow morning. :)

Ok. Thank you.

Great video thank you so much @gamer00 for sharing it with us

Excellent work of adobe photo shop .thanks this article.
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I don't use Adobe products though, I processed this photo on Darktable. It's a free alternative to Adobe Lightroom.

Nice one. this is amazing work.

For your post propagation.

Nice one. If you want to make a table in a post, how do you go about it?

I could make a table, with the right kinds of tools. ;)

That does looks pretty great for the starter buddy .
Nicely said :)

Great video you sharing this moment @gamer00. Its a fantastic forever.
You do your best always.
Have a nice day!!!

That would be awesome! Great video dude!


Excellent work my dear friend @gamer00
It is good...and I realy 1000% like....
Thank you sharing this post and I appreciate your posts everyday...

You did your try to best successful you video editing.
It`s not bad using with darktable. Sound also clever.
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Amazing ....great work.....highly appreciated

Nice post brother 👍

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Excellent video

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wonderful work.

Thks for sharing!

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