The old steam engine in Mytäjäinen.

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Yesterday I was shooting in Mytäjäinen, following a tip I got from @MarkkuJantunen, that shooting the old locomotive would be a excellent photo opportunity.

Old Steem Engine

At first I couldn't find the place, but after further advice from Markku, I finally found my way there.

I didn't really have any idea how I should shoot something that big, but as I had a good selection of lenses with me, I could try all kinds of things, and I'm here to show some of what I came up with.

The shoot almost failed, because of an urgent need to find a bathroom... But since there were no watchers, I just seeked a bush for relieving myself and then continued the shoot.

Heh... well on with the show I guess...

I took the first photos when I arrived to Mytäjärvi, a small but beautiful lake next to a busy crossing.

It's really a beautiful little lake.

The birches often have yellow leaves in autumn.

I eventually found the railroad tracks behind the lake.

Following the track (going right).

These nostalgic, old railroad tracks (exiting to the right) used to go North, towards the Vesijärvi harbour.

Both of these tracks go towards the Vesijärvi Harbour in North.

Too bad the tracks are no longer in use, and have been cut, so the trains don't run there anymore.

...Heading South...

Found the steam engine!

I used the ultrawide, Canon 10–18 mm lens first, to create an overview of the engine.

Front view.

The details under the engine.

I found some interesting parts from the underside.

I recon these be brakes. Notice the quite red valve.

Here's the dashboard and instrumentation in the cabin of the steam engine.

Cabin in monochrome

And of course the same photo in colour. I like both, but lean towards to the colour image since it manages to portray the cool colour of the copper tubes in the cabin.

Cabin in colour.

Man I want to travel like this!

Is this the actual motor?

Looking back...

Then I switched to the 50 mm lens.

Ah... the line of sight is so narrow!!!

Time to step back a couple of steps...

Ah, still a bit too close. :)

This is a good lens for taking photos of smaller details. But still, I wanted to take a photo of the whole locomotive. After taken a few more steps back I got this:

Nice train portrait! :)

Ok, time for a closer look...

Underside, details for the wheels.

A small detail.

Here's a more contrasty take on the backside of the locomotive.

More contrast. :)

The de-commissioned railroad depot.

Shot in 50 mm

Shot in 300 mm

After shooting enough photos I started heading back to the car. I wanted to get something to eat before fetching Miro from school. On the way back, I shot a couple more photos.

The old nostalgic railroad tracks again.

I also found a nice car.

Cool VW Kleinbus, I bet Miro would love it!

Had to blur the license plate out though. ;)

Back to Mytäjärvi!

Ah, I finally got through the photos! I hope you like them! :) I loved shooting them, but after editing them and writing this post, my back has started to ache, so I think I'll be going to bed now.

Good night, and have a good weekend Everyone!

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Great photography on locomotive as well its surrounding place, very much impressed always with your photos.

I am not sure the locomotive is working again. I still hear the noise from the locomotive that passes through a railway some distance to my house. Have a good night rest and enjoy your weekend too.

I think abandoned place offer some great shots. I really enjoyed these. I guess in a nostalgic way, progress can be sad.

I wonder why they haven't taken up those old tracks for scrap.

I like all photos . Amazing photography dear jaro

All pics are best clicks . Good photography .

Old Steam Engines are very rare to find! It's a shame why they put it in that place! In my country 1-2 engines are using as Tourism purposes to visit the hill country!
This photography, I like this most! Coz I got a feeling of WW2 time by looking at it!

Wonderful photography collection and also a selection! Thanks for sharing and nice to see you are back with your professional camera!


Beautiful pics of lake and train engine.
You took pics with good angle.

The birds and squirrels were probably quite startled!
Otherwise it’s very good time to try all the lenses you had with you!
These photos turned out very, very nice!!

It’s time you started using all your lenses! The results are very good!

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Haha, well I am using all my lenses, all except for one manual lens (Fujinon 55mm) that doesn't really work on the Canon because I can't change the aperture on it.

Maybe I should take the manual lenses for a spin again though.

The lake is so beautiful and the locomotive brings such a great atmosphere! Great shots and quite the big variety to them! :P