The edited photos.

in photography •  3 months ago


While I was streaming today, I retouched these photos...

I'm not going to write a whole lot about them now, as I'm still doing the stream, but I'll just link them all here. :)

These are for sale.

This is for sale too. :)

Took me a while editing these. I hope you learned something by watching the stream! Hope you like the photos too!

See you later!

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Good to see you posting again

They're all retouched? I'm curious what they looked like before retouching.


Almost definitely not as good. It's very difficult to shoot as good photos as you'd like and as is possible without editing them.

Your son is looking so cute . I hope your was enjoy the day. Lovely photography . Thanks for sharing @gamer00

Hello mate, good to see you back in action. Good pics man. How are you and what have you been up to?


Thank you! It's nice to be back!

I've been working out w/ @omsoc mainly, and taking long walks with Ninnu. We decided that in September we are going to participate her in a puppy dog show. That's one thing I think I'm going to post some photos from.

I haven't been taking that many photos lately, as I had a bit of a artist's block there, but there's an idea I've been having, that I will likely pursue now that I have come back. :)

The photos looks really clear and bright, I also like the scenery of the environment your edited works professional

Wow. Magnificient scenery! I really liked those pictures of Miro. I can't see any room for improvement in any of those. He seems to be wear that shirt a lot. His favourite? :D

They do really look very awesome and not to mention he sure is enjoying the view ;)

Perfectly taken shots buddy !

Very beautiful pics taken , Miro is looking very smart .

Hi gamer. Miro is betting bigger just in the short time you have been away. Glad to see you back on here.


Thanks! I'm glad to be back!

And yes I think Miro has grown too. And Leo. It's a bit hard to see it for myself, but then when I saw their classmates after the Summer I realized they've all grown so much.

It seems like you may have taken a ski lift to the top of a mountain and enjoyed taking pictures of old "Fuzzy Antlers." Ha ha. The mountain huckleberries look tasty. Did you eat any of them?


We climbed up a downhilll ski track, it's better that way, as at the top we got to have some waffles. Then we hiked down the other side of the fell.

Those were bilberries and crowberries, I didn't know people in the US referred to all of them as huckleberries before doing a google search. Yep, we had a feast eating them as we climbed up the fell.

"Fuzzy Antlers" was photographed at another place 20 km up north.

Your boy is looking more and more like you had he grows up.

yup these photographs are awesome. going to watch live photo editing stream just want to learn how you edit your photographs :)

Friend grace for showing your excellent shots, you always posting very good photos. One question those photos were from the quarry to which he went on vacation, or that is close to home.


Thank you!

These photos are taken before we went into the gorge. The first reindeer photos were taken 20 km norther, in a resort called Luosto, and then there's the climb to the Kultakero (Gold fell), that's part of Pyhä where we were visiting.

I'll be editing some more photos shortly, there may be some taken in the gorge, on the hiking trip we took a couple days later.

Really like these photos!! Glad you have still photos here!
It’s so difficult to see live stream on my mobile phone with slow internet connection!

Happy to see your wonderful photos again!!

Great to see you posting again! Loved all the shots! That moose closeup is sharp!


Moose? :D With a collar no less. :D

Great to be here again!

Photos are beautiful.
You have put a lot of work on the processing.

Your kids has grown! And a collection of great photography! Specially that tree, it's little weird!


@gamer00 - Sire Miro looks handy in these photography... God bless you all Sir...


Some really incredible and joyful shots right there it was so nice to check it out :)

Wao sir stunning photography.....great weather,amazing views,,,wonderful places,,,,such a fabulous natural beauty...natural beauty attracts the peoples,,,,,your child looks so beautiful..stones looks so amazing....wonderful editing of all pics,,,you are a great editer....tress looks so colourful...mountains looks so great,,,,thanks for sharing sir,,,